Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Plans

I am officially entering my 3rd trimester. Only 13 weeks to go. 11 if I'm lucky. I hear the last few weeks are the roughest so I am hoping to avoid them by having this baby a little early. I have been trying to decide if Todd and I should take a birthing class, you know to get an idea of what we are in for. But, we'll probably just skip the class and wing it. It can't be that hard, women do it all the time. Maybe I will pull out my maternity book from nursing school and review that section a bit. (I kept it for just such an occasion)

When I get my American Pregnancy weekly updates I've noticed they keep suggesting making a Birth Plan. I did a google search on birth plans, and found some very lengthy ones, and from a nurses standpoint, completely unreasonable. Why do people feel the need to write these things out? Just say what you want when given the options. Do you want pain meds? yes/no Do you want 20 people in the room when you deliver? yes/no. Seems pretty simple to me. I will just have one very simple pre-planned request for my birth plan. EPIDURAL. I am a wimp when it comes to pain, and I thankfully haven't had to experience much of it in my life. The most painful experience I've had so far in my life is a laceration to my thumb requiring 6 stitches. So basically the thought of having natural child birth is down right scary. Some things aren't for everyone.

I was just reading my sister francie's blog about Labor Day! Kind of ironic that I was thinking about my upcoming labor day on Labor Day! Don't you think? So I had to change the title of this post.


Francie said...

Not quite sure what a birthing plan is, either, but it seems like it wouldn't matter anyways because by the time you're on the bed pushing, you probably won't care! :)
Also, If you skip a couple of weeks, then he might be born around Thanksgiving... so I think you should wait... Then we'd be able to get his b-day presents on sale every year!

Shannon said...

Did you forget about the surgery on your jaw? That looked and sounded pretty darn painful.

Remember when I was weeks from having Madeline and you were studying labor and delivery at school? You so nicely reminded me that something had to STREATCH really far if, what was inside, was going to come out. And then you used the turtle neck analogy... Imagine how hard it would be to squeeze into a turtle neck that is so small it wont go on, and then tripple that with "It must go on!"... more painful for the shirt as it rips to fit? Or, the head that has to come through?... Trust me when I say... "You so went there with me!"

Rachael said...

First off from the BTDT pages of advice: push all thoughts of that baby coming early far-far from your mind. It will only (very likely) lead to anticipation and ultimately disappointment. I'm not saying it won't happen, just that it REALLY sucks to wake up every day for 3-4 weeks thinking, "could this be THE day" and go to bed that night going "nope. maybe tomorrow." If on the other hand you PLAN that it won't come til on or after the due date, it's possible you could get a very lovely early surprise.

And about birth plans: here's the insider scoop: they jinx you. Don't write it down, just say what you want as you go along. It's perfectly fine to be very insistent about getting what you want and making it all very clear, but in my experience (and you know I have a bit) writing it down jinxes you.

P.S. IF you want one, I might be able to recommend a good labor coach. I might just know someone who knows a thing or two without having to look it up.

Lori said...

Shannon, I don't remember having that conversation with you. Are you sure that was me? Scarily, the turtle neck analogy is probably pretty accurate.

Rachael, I know it's wishful thinking, I'll settle for on time if I must, but being late will drive me crazy. I may have to have some medical interventions if it comes to that.

Kathy said...

i wish you an easy day of labor!

and in response... i don't know what
i would EVER DO if they blocked all internet access! OH DREADFUL NIGHT!
Woe be the night shifters!
Thank goodness for blogspot, right?

Cecelia said...

As long as your little one is inside, you are in charge of your days and nights. Once he makes his entrance into the world, he is in charge and I know from experience that these new little bosses like to entertain every few hours. So, if you go over from your due date, just count each day as an extra blessing and a few more hours to sleep!!