Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Here are some new pictures for those of you who want to see some updates. I took some of the pictures during the night, so they didn't turn out as well, but you get the idea. Everyday it looks so good and visible progress is being made so now I will start posting more pictures daily.

The steps getting closer to done.

Counter top planning.
We decided to make the counter top out of stone instead of a granite slab. More cost effective and I actually think it will look better this way.
The bench seat on top of the wall.

Concrete finally poured. Makes it look so much better.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Peachy

Sharing a peach with Auntie Francie
mmm, it's sooo good
or maybe not

6 more weeks and she'll be eating peaches

Concrete makes me happy

I've been waiting for this day for a while now. The electricians finally finished their job yesterday, and today we had the concrete poured. Now the actual building of the patio can resume and I am very pleased about that. Although I saw on the news today that we are expecting rain Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which could mean another BIG delay! Everyone involved in getting this patio built is acutely aware of my lack of patience with setbacks, and I imagine that they'd probably all be slightly amused if it actually did rain for 4 days since there would be absolutely nothing anybody could do about it and no one for me to blame! Let's just hope the weather man was wrong.

Here is the slab for the hot tub. We actually already have a hot tub that we haven't used in 3 years, so I am excited to get it back and start using it again.
Supervising...I had no idea how much was involved in setting up a foundation for a hot tub. Does everyone do this?

Here is a picture to show you where the hot tub will sit in relation to the patio.
Dan the concrete man going above and beyond, suggested and then helped me do this.

This is my new landing in front of the door, I am probably the most excited about this. The only thing I can actually say that I hated about my house was that when I walk out the door I am on a narrow step. When you have a toddler and a diaper bag in one arm and a car seat with a baby in the other, it makes it rather hard to get out the door AND close the door. Now I can put one of them down on the landing to have a free hand to shut the door. I know it seems minor, but to me it's huge. (It will be covered with flagstone by the way)

The fire pit got poured today too.
The lovely smooth concrete will be all covered up with these fire bricks never to be seen again.
And that's all in a days work. Hopefully tomorrow will be another productive day and I can show you more progress pictures.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rome wasn't built in a day...

For those of you who know me well, you know that patience is not one of my virtues. And this patio project is taking a little (or a lot) longer than I expected which is mildly (to put it lightly) frustrating to me. The most frustrating part is that there is nothing I can do about it, I don't know how to do any of the things that need to be done. All I can do is wait, watch and keep asking how much longer.
We had a minor (or major depending on who you ask) set back with the electricians (who, by the way, are shockingly expensive) that put the whole project on hold for a few days, but thankfully they arrived this morning promptly at 7:20 am and got started. Hopefully they will be done tomorrow and we can have the concrete poured for the floor. Once that is done (cross your fingers) I've been told things should start coming together pretty quickly. I am still hoping for a finish date (or even an almost finished so long as it's usable) of August 29.
Here are some pictures of what's been done so far....

There used to be a wall between the house and the post. Where the wall was is where you will enter onto the patio from the house. There will be a landing where the steps are now, and the new steps will be where the landing is now. At this end where you see the little temporary step is going to be another exit off of the patio, and will lead to the hot tub.
Up against the house is where the outdoor kitchen will be, we have a grill, a 2 burner cooktop and a sink. Those two holes on the sides of the window are for lights over the cooking area. The two holes below that are for electrical outlets.
On the left is the fire pit with a bench seat, and the wall to the right of it will have a granite counter top on it for an eating area. Notice the little foot rest my dad incorporated into the wall? Pretty cool huh?

Here's another angle, (my brother says I don't put enough pictures up) this one sort of gives you an idea of all the electrical stuff going on. There are lights and electrical outlets on the inside of the patio wall, and the outside of the wall and they will be on separate switches. Should be pretty nice when it's all done.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


There aren't many days in the summer that Todd get's the day off AND the weather is nice. Today was one of those rare days. Well he didn't take the whole day off, but the afternoon at least. We decided to take the kids to the beach.

Anthony doesn't seem the least bit interested in the water, but he loves the sand, I think it's like a giant sandbox to him. They had a playground at the beach which was also a hit with Anthony.Bella had her first swing today and wasn't overly excited about it, but seemed to be okay with it.She looks like she's in a lazy boy recliner.We left the beach and headed for the downtown area to go for a stroll and get some ice cream. I wasn't planning on having any myself because I had decided to start my diet today, but then we saw this, and I had to give in. I mean really how often does something like this happen?

Anthony got to feed himself an ice cream cone for the first time. He made quite a mess but thoroughly enjoyed it, right down to the chocolate covered malt ball the SouthBend Chocolate Factory is famous for putting in the bottom of your ice cream cone. I had to wrestle it out of his hands and he was so mad at me. (I was worried he'd choke on it, I wasn't trying to steal it from him)

Trying to take my own picture of the girls while the boys were playing.
And these were taken this morning at home while daddy was working.

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday afternoon as much as we did.