Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Opening up his Easter basket! He climbed up on the table and got into it all by himself while I was upstairs getting ready. I heard him saying "mama what's this?" and found him up on the kitchen table getting into his basket!

Bella was a little more patient and waited for me to give her her Easter basket.

Ooh, Chocolate!! Just for me?
Grandma and Grandpa got Easter presents for the kids too!

After lunch we had an Easter Egg Hunt and it started in the house when Francie hid eggs on Grandpa Russ while he was napping. Katya

Kristen (apparently 13 is not too old to enjoy a good ol Easter egg hunt!)


Jason helping Tony find some eggs

Every time he found a plastic egg he would crack it open and see what was inside.

Francie hid some eggs on the tractor too, I think she had picture taking in mind when she did that! Too bad Tony was so into the egg hunt that he would never stop to look at the camera.

Auntie Francie made sure Easter was really special for all the kids!

Lots and lots of candy in those eggs!

Todd playing in the grass with the kids!

Bella was so happy, what a fun day!

Out of the 97 pictures taken today, this is the only picture I got of me!

The cousins.