Monday, May 9, 2011

Car Washing at our House Today

Today was such a nice day, I decided I should wash the car, it was way overdue for one.  I thought the kids would get a kick out of helping me, which of course they did.  They took it one step further and both surprised and entertained me.  After I finished washing my car, and pulled it into the garage, I was  starting to clean up, when next thing you know, Tony is filling the bucket back up, and brought out his truck.
He even washed out the bed of the truck.
He did a good job, washed the whole thing.
Washing cars is only fun when your 3!
Not long after getting Tony's truck done, Bella comes out with her car.
She didn't really care about washing it, so much as just getting it wet.

Such a cutie!
This girl has some wild hair!
My clean car!

When we finished with my car, Tony's truck, and Bella's car, Tony says, "let's wash Daddy's truck now!"  My response was "No way buddy, that's Daddy's job!"