Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Full Moon Alert!

Due to an OB doctors appt in the middle of the day (which is middle of the night for me) and my spending too much time trying to make the photo album with the 3D pics, I got very little sleep today. Probably only 5 hours, which is about half what I normally get! I know that luxury wont last forever, but for now, I'm enjoying it. Anyway, I sort of had a back up plan for tonight all along so wasn't too worried that I wasn't going to get much sleep. I normally go into work at 7pm, and before I left this morning I noticed they had accidentally sceduled 3 nurses instead of 2 from 7pm until 11pm. So I figured I would call around 5pm and tell them that I would be more than happy to stay home until 11pm. I'd be saving the hospital money, get a little more sleep, make dinner and watch dancing with the stars! Sounds pretty good huh? Well, no such luck!They said the way the night was going, they would probably need 3 nurses so I should just come on in at 7! UGH, I forgot it was a full moon. So much for my plan!

3D Ultrasound pictures!

Here's your first peek at my our baby!

The good news is the first ultrasound was correct, it's still a boy! I'm so happy to have these pictures, it really makes the whole thing seem more real, and makes me that much more impatient for Dec 5. At first when I saw the pictures I thought he looked more alien than human, but the more I look at them the more he looks like a baby. Oh by the way, we may be having a bald baby, no hair yet! Hopefully he will grow some in the next 10 weeks. If what they say about pregnancy and heartburn and baby hair is true, I better keep eating the spicy foods! I hope you all enjoy the pictures, I sacrificed precious sleep to figure out how to make this slide show for you so now I will be tired at work tonight! At least it's for a good cause.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3D Ultrasound

Well I got my 3D ultrasound today, got some really cool pictures. I wish I had time to post them on my blog, but I am running late for work so you'll just have to wait till tomorrow. Sorry to keep you hanging.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Who Knew?

I have had a lot of gnats in my kitchen lately and can't seem to get rid of them. Must be the season for them. I have been extra careful not to leave food out or dirty dishes in the sink or ripe fruit on the counter, but no matter what I do they still manage to loiter around my kitchen. Until now that is! Thanks to Jen. Todd and I were over to her house yesterday and she had a bowl on her counter covered with aluminum foil and little holes poked in it. Upon inquiry we found out that if you put vinegar in a bowl and poke small holes in it, the gnats can get it, but then they aren't smart enough to get out and eventually they drown in the vinegar. So I thought I would give it a try, and this morning I had quite a few little gnats floating around in the vinegar. So if you read this Jen, thanks for the tip, I never knew that.

I share this info with you because I am amazed at how well it works, and want to tell others in case they too have the same problem, AND because I have nothing else to post about. I am sick today (sore throat, sinus congestion, HA) and will probably spend the rest of the day in bed or on the couch doing a whole lot of nothing, which will surely not lead to anything more worthy of blog posting than this. But tomorrow is the 3D ultrasound, so hopefully I will have time to post pics before I go to work.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Yay or Nay?

UPDATE: Apparently the answer is Nay! I sort of already knew that, but I just really liked the cute little stuffed animals. I guess I will just save them for toys. Thanks to all my family members for their honest opinions! I knew I could count on them to tell me the truth. Funny how their comments went from vague to blunt, but all gave the clear impression that the answer is Nay!

Well what do you think? Do they go together or not? When I was at Babys R Us the other day I found these two cute little stuffed animals. I thought I could use them as my inspiration of style for the baby's room. I'm not entirely sure they match the bedding though so I need some opinions.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

3 new rules to live by for the next 70 something days

1. Do not eat ramen noodles...contains more than a days worth of sodium and leads to pitting edema, aka canckles and takes drinking lots of water and sleeping with feet on pillows to go away.
2. Do not eat spicy food...leads to heartburn which I think I experienced for the first time yesterday after having a few chips and salsa. I feel sorry for people who regularly experience this.
3. Do not overeat under any circumstances...leads to hours of misery.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quiz time

Here's a little get to know you quiz my sister so kindly invited me to answer! Click here to see her answers. (yes I stole a few of hers, we are sisters, so it's only fitting that some things are the same)

10 years ago I was: Living in Washington, working as a private duty aid for a very mean old lady, and just starting my prerequisite classes for the dental hygiene program.
5 years ago I was: Just starting to love the sport of running (I wish I still did), and training for my first half marathon, and working at a hospital in Seattle as a RN on a Renal/Urology/Kidney transplant unit. (the dental hygiene thing didn't exactly work out, so I changed majors)
1 year ago I was: I don't remember, but 11 months ago I was on a fabulous vacation in Australia.
Yesterday I was: Sleeping (worked the night before), grocery shopping, exercising at the YMCA (nothing too exciting)
5 snacks that I enjoy:1. Skittles 2. Chips and Salsa 3. Starbucks Tall Vanilla Nonfat Latte 4. Combos 5. Fresh fruit
5 songs I know all the words to: (well at least almost all the words, and as long as I can sing along when the song is playing): 1. Most songs off the Madonna Immaculate collection. 2. ABBA's Mamma Mia! soundtrack. 3. Most Jimmy Buffet songs (from laying on the beach at a resort in Jamaica that happens to be next to Margaritaville. 4. Wilson Phillips Hold On (I remember listening to Rachael's tape of their greatest hits over and over trying to learn the words right around the time of her wedding) 5. Fancy by Reba
5 things I would do with a million dollars:1. tithe 2. Invest 3. start college funds for all my nieces and nephews and for my own kid/s 4. Buy Todd a BMW M3, although if we had a million dollars he might decide he wants something else. 5. Vacation, vacation, vacation!!
5 favorite TV shows:1. Grey's Anatomy2. Lost3. 24 (currently only watching old ones on DVD till I get caught up) 4. CSI Miami 5. Dancing with the Stars.
5 things I am thankful for:1. Family 2. Friends 3. Health 4. My RN degree 5. My baby on the way.
2 names I go by: 1. Lori 2. Lor Lor (by my nieces and nephews)
2 parts of your heritage: 1. Very much AMERICAN, but also a little bit...2. Polish/English/Irish/America Indian (Cherokee)
2 things that scare me: 1. crickets 2. driving in really bad weather
2 of my every day essentials: 1. toothbrush/toothpaste 2. chapstick or lip gloss
2 things I am wearing right now: 1. Old Navy PJ's 2. a sapphire pendant necklace (my first christmas present from Todd)
2 things I want in a relationship (other than real love): 1. happiness 2. trust
2 truths: 1. Gravity2. Salvation.(good answers Rach, I think I'll use yours)
2 physical things that appeal to me in the opposite sex: 1. good looks 2. style
2 of my favorite hobbies: 1. reading a good book 2. running (I wish)
2 things I want really badly: 1. to have my baby (not the actual having of the baby if you know what I mean) 2. a garage
2 places I want to go on vacation: 1. Costa Rica (going Nov 2008) 2. Italy again, only next time when it's warm there)
2 ways I am stereotypically a chick: My sense of direction 2. My love of shopping
2 things I normally wouldn't admit: 1. sorry I can't think of anything I want to admit to right now. 2. I've typed a few things, but keep deleting them. I guess you'll never know!
2 things I am thinking about right now: 1. I need to wrap this up so I can get the dog to the groomers and go to they Y. 2. I should have been painting instead of blogging this morning, I still have a second coat of trim needed in the room I started painting weeks ago.
2 stores you shop at: 1. lately anyplace that sells maternity clothes (Gap and Nordstrom are excellent places to shop online, cheap shipping and free returns) 2. Target
2 people I would like to see taking this quiz: 1. Francie 2. Kathy (Warning: it takes longer than you think, I will understand if you don't take it)
2 people I haven't talked to in a while: 1. Andrea (from WA) 2. My grandma Annie

Monday, September 17, 2007

28 week photos

28 1/2 week photo for all of you! I tell you I'm beginning to think this was a bad idea to post pictures every month. It's not nearly as fun as it was when I started at only 20 weeks.
Next week I will have some baby pictures you show you, I am having a 3D ultrasound. I'm excited to see those pictures. I am getting this 3D ultrasound for free too! It is usually not covered by insurance, but I traded a box of tomatoes for it. Pretty good deal don't you think? The U/S tech wanted tomatoes for making salsa and so I brought her in a box from the farm, she asked my sister what she owed me for them and they decided a free 3D U/S would be payment enough. I felt kind of lucky since an U/S cost about $250 and a box of tomatoes about.... shockingly I just realized I have no idea what a box of tomatoes goes for, but I'm guessing I got the better end of the deal, especially since the tomatoes came from the farm and didn't cost me personally anything, nor did I have to pick them. So the last time I went in for an appointment I took her another box or tomatoes. (to even up the trade a bit)

Last evening we went to visit a friend who had a baby less than 2 weeks ago. Todd wouldn't even hold the baby. Apparently he has never held one before, he figured he's gone this long without holding one, he might as well wait and let his own baby be his first. So while this baby thing is going to be a new experience for both of us, I think he is in for the bigger surprise.

Baby Bruce (our dog) is so far the only baby he's held, and as you can see he's not really a baby, he just gets the nickname because he acts like one. Or maybe because we treat him like one, not sure which is more accurate.

Natalie's Birthday

This past Thursday was my little sister Nat's 26th birthday. She moved 2 hours away after she got married this summer but she still comes back almost every weekend. We think it is Lake Michigan that brings her and Adam back every weekend and not the family, but we are just glad we still get to see her frequently. Sunday we decided to go out to breakfast with the whole sibling group to celebrate her birthday, total of 12 people. I remember when Francie, Natalie and I first moved to Michigan and we used to go out to breakfast all the time and it wasn't so chaotic, but now that we all have significant others and Rachael and Derrick have added 2 more kids to the mix, it is a lot more of a chore to eat out together. Luckily only 2 beverages got spilled on the table, and only one guest was disturbed enough to actually say something to us (Katya's chair kept bumping into the ladies chair that was sitting at a table behind us) so I guess it wasn't that bad after all. Although, I'm sure the waitress was happy for us to leave. Then we all came over to my house for some birthday cake. Rachael got creative and decided to bake rather than buy the cake this year, and I'm glad she did, she made a peaches 'n cream cheesecake that was quite good. (and yes that means I cheated on my diet)
While we were at breakfast Katya decided to show me how she could do funny things to her face; she can cross her eyes, wiggle her ears, and flair her nostrils. Quite talented I'd say. So when I got out my camera to take a picture and promised to put it on my blog, Jack and Kristen decided they had equally blog worthy funny faces.

Just so you don't think my nephew and nieces are always funny looking, I added a few normal pictures too.



Thursday, September 13, 2007

Must see youtube

This is primarily for all my nurse friends, but everyone should check it out because its very funny. A youtube video about going to the ER. I found it on an ER nurses blog I frequently read.

Internet update

I have emailed the director of the ER about getting an email password, but still have not heard back. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have a plan B if she doesn't respond, or if the answer is no, but I'm hoping to not have to resort to that.
I did however finish the book Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks, and I bawled my eyes out. Usually I only cry at the end of his books, but this one got me from about the middle all the way to the end. It is probably the saddest, most sappy sweet book I have ever read. So if you want a good cry, I recommend you read it. But don't read the prologue first, it sort of gives the ending away.
Now I am in desperate need of a new good book, so if you have any suggestions for a good read let me know. It must be a good book from the start or I tend to lose interest. I never liked books that take several chapters before it gets good.
Francie maybe you could hurry up and finish the Jack and Jill book your reading and pass it along to me, it sounds like a good one.

28 week update

Yesterday was my 28 week appt, all was good for the most part. The baby is measuring just right. I on the other hand went up a little too much on the scale this month. I'd like to blame it on the baby, but then that would mean that I'm going to have a very large baby, and that is worse I think. So I guess my sister Francie's comment to me the other day was probably pretty accurate. The truth hurts sometimes.

I also had my glucose test, where you have to drink a really nasty, very sweet orange flavored drink 1 hour before your doctor appt and then they draw your blood to make sure you don't have gestational diabetes. If you don't pass and your blood sugar is too high you have to take a longer version of the test and it takes 3 hours, and includes drinking more than one bottle of the very gross, sweet orange drink. Since my doctors office has a no news is good news policy about informing you of blood tests I was none too happy to see on the caller ID that they were calling me today. I knew it surely meant I failed my glucose test. But actually they were calling to tell me my glucose level was too low, only 55. Okay, at least I don't have to drink that nasty stuff again. She asked if I ever felt dizzy or lightheaded, No and No . Then suggested I eat more protein. I think eat plenty of protein so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Now that I am 28 weeks, I have to go to the doctor every 2 weeks as opposed to every 4 weeks, so my goal these next 2 weeks is to keep going to the YMCA, and no sweets for 2 weeks or really bad for you food, like french fries. Of course I will start the no sweets thing tomorrow, because we are having a potluck party for a coworker at work tonight and I am sure I will cheat, so rather than start off bad, I will just postpone starting until tomorrow.

Don't worry I will still post pictures of my belly, mostly so my mom can see how big I've gotten. I don't want her to be shocked when she sees me in November.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I managed to avoid avoiding the YMCA

Yesterday I made a goal to start exercising again. All day today I was thinking when I would go, and if I was going to talk myself out of it or not. I had forgotten that I previously made plans to go shopping with my friend Jodi in SB until she called at 4pm. I began to think I was going to have to put going to the YMCA off for another day. This did not make me sad, what made me sad was that she canceled on me, and I no longer had an excuse not to go exercise.

So begrudgingly I got ready to leave, deciding that if I didn't get it over with soon I would bail on my plan and then I work the next 2 days so they are out, and then its the weekend, and before you know it, another week will have gone by without exercising.

On the way to the Y, I noticed smoke coming from my neighbors back yard. I figured someone must be burning trash or something and kept going, but then I passed 2 fire trucks heading towards the neighbors house. So I decided to turn around and go check it out. (Had another quick thought that this Y thing was not going to happen today after all.) I actually got to see firefighters in action for the first time ever. Apparently a car had caught on fire. I just so happened to have my camera on me. Now that I blog, I tend to keep it with me for just such occasions.

Okay, so that excitement didn't last long and I was back on the road headed for the YMCA. I finally made it there, and got suckered into a spinning class with my sister Rachael, who is also feeling guilty lately about her lack of exercise. I think it is probably not advisable to exert yourself too much when your 7 months pregnant and haven't worked out in months. I fear for the pain I will feel tomorrow, I'm already starting to ache. But at least I went. I then came home and had a baked potato for dinner and a nice piece of raspberry 'n' cream cake, which I highly recommend. Unfortunately it defeated the purpose of exercising. Oh well, better luck tomorrow, the cake was definitely worth it!

I still remember

I'm going back to the YMCA

I've been feeling rather guilty lately about my lack of exercise. I joined the local YMCA earlier this summer in hopes that spending money on a membership would encourage me to go, if for no other reason than to not waste money. Well it did, for a couple weeks, but sadly I don't remember the last time I went. I even have an elliptical machine in my basement but haven't gotten around to using it lately either.

Last night I played tennis with Todd on our Nintento wii and now my arm is sore, how pathetic is that? Oh, we bowled a little too, and I broke my own record with a 217! I wish I could bowl that good for real.

While people are quick and not shy about mentioning how big my stomach has gotten, they usually leave it at that. Well leave it to my sister Francie to point out that not only is my stomach growing, but so is my behind. She then of course tried to cover her spoken before thought about comment by saying it was the jeans, but it didn't work. That's okay, I'm not mad, it was actually just the kick in the pants I needed to get me back to the gym.

So back to the gym I'm going. Starting tomorrow. Tomorrow has always been the official day to start a diet or exercise plan for me. Hopefully it only takes one tomorrow!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

No internet? Seriously?

Yesterday at work I discovered they have restricted all internet access. You now must have a login password (which I have not been privileged enough to have) to get online.

I actually think it's a good idea for them to give staff login id's because that way they can monitor what your looking at, and then if a website is visited that shouldn't be, they know who did it and can deal with one person rather than punishing everyone. I have nothing to hide, I look at baby stuff and blogs, email, read news, check weather, etc, etc, all harmless stuff.

I know it sounds like I spend a lot of time on the internet at work, but when I don't have any patients to take care of, what else is there to do? I work night shift and its a small ER, many nights I have 4 or more hours of no patients with nothing to do and I am by myself. The doctor is sleeping, and the secretary is usually reading a book or on the web herself. There is only so much stocking and cleaning up you can do, and it doesn't take 4 hours.

Oh, I am so annoyed by this! Luckily I just bought a new book; Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks. Hopefully that will occupy me until I can sweet talk the manager into giving me a password.


Good Luck Jimmy Clausen, Charlie Wies and the rest of the ND team!
I hope you have a winning plan for tonights game against Penn State! I'd hate to see you get beat again!

Friday, September 7, 2007

I've been robbed! But don't panic, it's not as bad as it sounds

Last night I was paying bills and realized that once again I have become a victim of credit card fraud. Actually, I may not have noticed at all if it weren't for Todd, he was questioning why my Discover card bill was so much. I use it as my debit card to buy groceries, gas and everything else I buy that month, so don't worry about it was my answer. But then he got me thinking, and it did seem a little high, so I decided to look over the items and see just what exactly I had bought that month. Right away I noticed that I had a wallet protection plan on my card that cost 2.99 a month, and was annoyed because I don't recall signing up for that. Now I think I'll let that slide, it may just come in handy. Then I notice a $358 charge for CSN Stores and another $24 charge American Collegiate that I don't recall making.

I called Discover card, they looked into it and said it was an online purchase. I do shop online, but I really don't recall making any purchases for that amount or to that store last month, I've never even heard of that website. But then again 2 days ago I bought a case of cherry coke and a pair of pants and both are now missing. I have looked everywhere, and they are nowhere to be found. Yesterday when I was making spaghetti sauce we needed a few more lids to be boiled for the jars and instead of throwing them in the small pot of boiling water I threw them all in with the spaghetti sauce. So I have been a little scatterbrained lately, but I really don't think I made those purchases. Good thing I had wallet protection, Discover Card credited my account last night for the $358 and $24 charges while they investigate.

I don't know how this could happen because I still have the credit card in my wallet. The last time this happened to me I still had the credit card too, it was one I had never even used, I found it in a shoe box with the activation sticker still on it after I realized there was a fraud charge. I now shred all my mail before I throw it out, so I have no idea how this could have happened. How do people get this info without having your card? Do I have to stop shopping online? Someone once told me they never pay for dinner at a restraunt with a credit card because the waitress takes you card to run it out of your sight and has ample time to write down #'s if she wants to. I thought this person was being a little too cautious, but now maybe not. Even though I know that isn't what happened to me, I don't have any restraunt charges on my credit card bill. But it is something to think about.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Unnecessary Indulgence

Don't you just love it when your house is clean. Well mine is, and it's not just clean, it's spotless. That is the term my mom used to use when referring to how she expected the house to be cleaned on Fridays. There's clean and then there's spotless. Spotless is when you mop on your hands and knees, actually scrub the shower not just spray some scrubfree cleaner on it and rinse it off, etc, etc. I think the only day my house was spotless (until I hired a housekeeper) was when I cleaned just before moving in last year.

I had to fess up to the housekeeper when she started cleaning for me 4 months ago that I had never actually mopped my hardwood floors, only swiffered them. She wanted to know where the Murphy's oil was and not only did I not have any, but had to ask what for! My hardwood floors are now mopped every 2 weeks on hands and knees. I tried to tell her that she could do it just once a month, but she insists on doing her way, and I'm not going to complain. Oh, and I get my windows washed every 2 weeks too. I've gotten so spoiled by her cleaning for me that I don't know what I would do without her.

I know it seems like an unnecessary luxury to have a housekeeper for 2 adults. But I would rather make other financial sacrifices or even work an extra day just to pay someone else to clean for me. That's actually how I justified getting a housekeeper in the first place. Rather than spend my day off cleaning, I would rather pick up an extra shift at work and pay someone else to clean my house. Although lately I haven't been picking up the extra shifts, but I'm pregnant and that's a good enough excuse for me.

A while back I was thinking of my upcoming maternity leave and wondering what it was going to be like to not have a paycheck for 6-8 weeks. I work as an agency nurse, so I wont be getting a paid maternity leave, or any short term disability. Just one of the non-perks of being an agency nurse. So, I was trying to think of ways to cut expenses during that time. I considered (only for a second) that I could save some money by not having a housekeeper. I wont be working so I should have time to clean right? No, I can't risk losing my high in demand housekeeper. So I will have to think of another way to save money. Less eating or shopping should do the trick. I'll be on a diet anyway, and probably wont feel like shopping for clothes right away. Oh, but then again Christmas will be right around the corner, I guess I better start saving now.

I just spent a whole day (okay only 6 hours, but it felt like all day) of making and canning spaghetti sauce. My half will be 14 quarts. It is the 3rd year in a row I have done this with a coworker and every year so far I am reminded why we do it, but also why we only do it once a year. It is so much work, but so worth it cause it tastes so good! My sister Rachael has the bright idea that we should make some to give as christmas gifts, so I may get suckered into doing it twice this year. I guess that could be one way to save some money! You still up for it Rach? The tomatoes wont last much longer.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Name Poll is out!

You didn't really think I was going to let you all vote on my baby's name did you? I'm guessing Todd would probably not be too thrilled if he knew I was going to put a voting poll up for our baby's name. I can't say I blame him, it was a momentary lapse in judgement on my part. Thankfully he doesn't read my blog everyday and didn't read yesterdays post. But I did like hearing your suggestions, feel free to let me know if you come up with any other great ideas. I think Lucio is taking a strong lead, but nothing is decided for sure, and probably wont be until around Dec 5. Of course if we do go with Lucio, we have to decide what we will actually call him. Luke, Louis, or Louie are all American variants to Lucio were considering.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time to pick a name

I wanted the title of my post to be: I say tomato, he says tomato, and put that little squiggly line over the a, but I don't know how to do that. But I'm thinking of that song from When Harry met Sally. You know the one I'm talking about right?

Lately I have been trying to get more serious about picking out a name for our little baby that will be here soon. Todd is not worried, he seems to think we can pick out a name in no time at all once he gets here. But if we haven't come up with something in 6 months I don't see how the baby's presence is going to speed things up and make naming him easy.

Todd claims he is not picky, he just wants one of 2 names: Lucio (Todd's great grandfather's name)or Russell (Todd's dad's name). Apparently it is an Italian tradition to name your first son after his paternal grandfather. The second son after the maternal grandfather, the first daughter after then paternal grandmother, and the second daughter after the maternal grandmother. With a tradition like this you don't get to pick out your own kids name until your 5th child. We are not following that tradition, but Todd does want the boy to be named after his dad or his great grandfather.

I have tried to avoid an Italian name but I am having trouble convincing Todd.
My argument is that Todd is only half Italian, and I am not Italian at all, so our baby will only be 25% Italian.
Todd's answer to that is: Italian is dominant.
Another point I made is that we live in America, and it isn't nice to give a kid such an ethnic name that is so different from American names. I asked him how he would like it if he had been named Lucio.
Todd's answer: I would be honored. It was my great grandfather Lucio that left Italy and came to America. If it weren't for him we wouldn't even be having this baby.

Okay that's a bit of a stretch, but do you see what I am up against?
I tried to compromise and suggest Anthony, that's Italian right? Todd reply was: Antonio.
I suggested Leo, he says how bout Leonardo?

So I have given up, I am afraid this is a battle I can't win. Todd has been accommodating enough to let me choose Lucio or Russell, and I can even use it as a middle name. One of those names just has to be in there somewhere. However, if I use it as a middle name, the first name still has to be an Italian name. So I guess Logan is out.

Tonight at work I am going to come up with a list of name options and I will put another poll on my blog to see what everyone else likes. Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know if you have any suggestions. Italian suggestions that is.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Plans

I am officially entering my 3rd trimester. Only 13 weeks to go. 11 if I'm lucky. I hear the last few weeks are the roughest so I am hoping to avoid them by having this baby a little early. I have been trying to decide if Todd and I should take a birthing class, you know to get an idea of what we are in for. But, we'll probably just skip the class and wing it. It can't be that hard, women do it all the time. Maybe I will pull out my maternity book from nursing school and review that section a bit. (I kept it for just such an occasion)

When I get my American Pregnancy weekly updates I've noticed they keep suggesting making a Birth Plan. I did a google search on birth plans, and found some very lengthy ones, and from a nurses standpoint, completely unreasonable. Why do people feel the need to write these things out? Just say what you want when given the options. Do you want pain meds? yes/no Do you want 20 people in the room when you deliver? yes/no. Seems pretty simple to me. I will just have one very simple pre-planned request for my birth plan. EPIDURAL. I am a wimp when it comes to pain, and I thankfully haven't had to experience much of it in my life. The most painful experience I've had so far in my life is a laceration to my thumb requiring 6 stitches. So basically the thought of having natural child birth is down right scary. Some things aren't for everyone.

I was just reading my sister francie's blog about Labor Day! Kind of ironic that I was thinking about my upcoming labor day on Labor Day! Don't you think? So I had to change the title of this post.