Saturday, September 8, 2007

No internet? Seriously?

Yesterday at work I discovered they have restricted all internet access. You now must have a login password (which I have not been privileged enough to have) to get online.

I actually think it's a good idea for them to give staff login id's because that way they can monitor what your looking at, and then if a website is visited that shouldn't be, they know who did it and can deal with one person rather than punishing everyone. I have nothing to hide, I look at baby stuff and blogs, email, read news, check weather, etc, etc, all harmless stuff.

I know it sounds like I spend a lot of time on the internet at work, but when I don't have any patients to take care of, what else is there to do? I work night shift and its a small ER, many nights I have 4 or more hours of no patients with nothing to do and I am by myself. The doctor is sleeping, and the secretary is usually reading a book or on the web herself. There is only so much stocking and cleaning up you can do, and it doesn't take 4 hours.

Oh, I am so annoyed by this! Luckily I just bought a new book; Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks. Hopefully that will occupy me until I can sweet talk the manager into giving me a password.


Scoobers said...

oh the HORROR!
Seriously, I am sad for you.

We were just talking about this lastnight at work and perished the thought.

I completely understand and there is only so much reading you can do too without wanting to curl up and fall asleep!

You could take up knitting! : )

Rachael said...

I say figure out a way to get your hands on a password. You make a good case.

Have fun at work tonight!

Cecelia said...
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Cecelia said...

That's too bad. Maybe you could take up knitting or crochet.

Amy said...

I was there last night and discovered that I am locked out too. (Thanks for the warning!) But someone's login is already being used by others, and she is gonna have a lot of crap on hers if they ever check! How long do you think this will last? :) Call me!