Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm going back to the YMCA

I've been feeling rather guilty lately about my lack of exercise. I joined the local YMCA earlier this summer in hopes that spending money on a membership would encourage me to go, if for no other reason than to not waste money. Well it did, for a couple weeks, but sadly I don't remember the last time I went. I even have an elliptical machine in my basement but haven't gotten around to using it lately either.

Last night I played tennis with Todd on our Nintento wii and now my arm is sore, how pathetic is that? Oh, we bowled a little too, and I broke my own record with a 217! I wish I could bowl that good for real.

While people are quick and not shy about mentioning how big my stomach has gotten, they usually leave it at that. Well leave it to my sister Francie to point out that not only is my stomach growing, but so is my behind. She then of course tried to cover her spoken before thought about comment by saying it was the jeans, but it didn't work. That's okay, I'm not mad, it was actually just the kick in the pants I needed to get me back to the gym.

So back to the gym I'm going. Starting tomorrow. Tomorrow has always been the official day to start a diet or exercise plan for me. Hopefully it only takes one tomorrow!


Kathy said...

Me too! I joined the Y with the same intention and I hate to waste money.
Now I am paying for a membership for me and my sister. It must be at least 2 months since we've gone.


Cecelia said...

The Conference has started a wellness program and we have the option to join or not. If you join you have to make several changes in your eating habits and exercise too! The financial reward is we get back 1/2 of our health insurance premium every six months. So, Bob and I both joined. We have to walk two miles three times a week through September. In October it increases to two miles four times a week and in January it increases again to two miles five times a week. So, even after very long days, I find myself on the treadmill walking. I want that money back!!!

Rachael said...

Oh, Lori, I need to go there too. Sad, sad news on the scale this morning. I've have gotten into a bad, lazy rut and I just can't seem to find the time or the motivation to change it!

Mom -- I wish someone would pay me to exercise. I'm curious, is it on the honor system or do you have to show some kind of proof? I guess they probably trust you to be truthful, being church employees and all!

Cecelia said...


It is sort of on the honor system, but we have to complete a report each month documenting everything and also when we started they had blood work done, weighed us, and took our blood pressure and had us walk two miles being timed and then took our pulse and this will all be repeated in twelve months, so if there isn't improvement, somebody is going to know. So far I've lost 26 pounds. But you know I can lose weight, I just can't keep it off.

Rachael said...

Lori -- good for you for making it to the Y tonight! Now your legs and butt can be sore from the spinning class to go with your sore arm from...playing nintendo!