Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Diet

Okay so I hate to diet, but I really need to. I have tried exercising, but it's so hard with two babies who never seem to give me a break. When they actually do, the very last thing I want to do is exercise. So I am putting off exercising until I can get the two of them napping simultaneously on a regular basis. However, I will try to walk outside more, especially now that I have a double stroller. But with summer nearly here, and the last 12 pounds from baby Bella I'm still holding onto, I am going to have to do something.
Here is my plan:
Eat less, a lot less. In fact I will try to only eat when I am truly hungry. (i.e. stomach growling)
When I eat, I can eat whatever I want, (this is how I rebel against dieting) but I must eat a portion size appropriate to the healthiness of what I am eating. You know, if it's bad, eat less, but if it's healthy I can have a little more. That kind of thing.
Preferably no snacking between meals, but really that just isn't practical for me and I know I will not be able to do it. So I will try to make my snacks healthy and follow this one rule. Before I can have the snack, I have to drink a full glass of water and wait 20 minutes. I heard or read somewhere that hunger can be mistaken for thirst, so this is a good way to double check. Also a lot of times I snack out of boredom, and maybe in that 20 minutes I will be distracted and forget about it.

Okay, that's it, I am giving it 2 weeks to see if I make progress. If not, I have to go on a real diet.

Wish me luck and feel free to join in and give it a try for 2 weeks. I know it has the potential to work, I've done it before, and gotten really skinny. Then again I was 22, so it might not be as easy this time around.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Under Construction

My blog is slowly but surely getting a new look. It may take me a while to get it all done. Meanwhile if you think of any catchy new blog titles for me I am looking for suggestions. I am temporarily using my website address, but I hope to come up with something a little more creative.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random stuff

Anthony has given up the pacifier during the day, and now he only uses it when he is in his crib. It was a really easy transition. Mostly I did it because he has become quite the good hider, and come nap or night time, I was having a hard time finding it. So I decided that it will stay in the bed from now on. Surprisingly he doesn't seem to mind, I used to have to take it from him in the morning, but now he throws it back in the crib when I pick him up. However, now I have noticed that his finger seems to find it's way to his mouth when he's thinking about it. Every once in a while he will find Bella's pacifier and try to sneak it in his mouth, but if he sees me looking at him, he wont do it. Sadly for me, Bella doesn't even like her pacifier, but I keep trying.

Bella has not had any type of routine to her days yet, but the last 3 days she seems to have a trend going. She wakes up nice and early, usually 6 or 7 and is wide awake (unfortunately that means I am too) and then falls back asleep just about the time Anthony wakes up for the day. Which means I don't get to go back to sleep. I usually leave her in my bed while Anthony and I go downstairs and have breakfast. It's not terrible, but it makes for a really short night for me.
She doesn't sleep in my bed all night, just a few hours in the morning. She is still sleeping in the bathroom with the fan on. Either in her car seat, or her bassinet. She looks pretty comfy here.
Anthony got his 3rd haircut yesterday. He was a big boy this time and sat in the chair all by himself. He was given a ring pop to suck on and he was perfect. If she needed him to turn his head a certain way I just grabbed the ring pop and tugged it in the right direction and since the pop never left his mouth, his head moved too. Only problem was he drooled a little bit, okay a lot, and then the hair clippings stuck to his neck. So when we got home he had sticky hair stuck all over his face and neck. So his cousin Kirsten, who was over visiting, helped me give him a bath. All clean and smelling good. Aren't those just the cutest little legs?

Here Bella's favorite way to nap... being held of course.

And in honor of Earth Day, I bought these yesterday. They are reusable water bottles. There are 5 total, and you refill and reuse them everyday. Aren't they cute? Also, I need a new blog title, Baby Boy just doesn't work anymore. So I am brainstorming for ideas, any suggestions?? I am hoping very soon to update my blog look. Just waiting for some free time and inspiration!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Pictures

I got my pictures back today, I scanned some of them to show you. The scanner only scans 4X6 size pictures, so I can't show you all of them, but here are a few. I'm probably not supposed to scan these, but since my photographer doesn't put her proofs online for viewing... You can't copy them anyway, if you zoom in on them you will see there are lines in the photo to prevent copying. Plus I linked to her website, so that makes it okay, right?

For those of you who didn't get one in the mail, here is the baby announcement I sent out.

She tried really hard to get Anthony to look at Isabella for the announcement, but he just wouldn't do it. We tried bribing him with a sucker, and then there was nothing in the world more important than that sucker. This was the best one she got. For the baby announcement, she actually photoshopped 2 pictures together. Couldn't tell could ya?

Sorry, I can't flip the picture vertically.

So Aunties, be sure and let me know which of these you want for yourself.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby-Momma talk and pictures

The Baby Keeper
So I was saying the other day that my baby girl is quite spoiled already. She loves to be held and cries if she's not. Even if she is sound asleep and I put her down, she will be awake and fussing within 5-10 minutes. I love holding her, so it's not a terrible thing, but it makes it hard to get anything done. Also, Anthony gets a little annoyed (I think) that she is always in my arms, making it more difficult for me to play with or hold him. He is adjusting rather quickly though.

My friend Kristin recommended that I get one of these "baby keepers".
She found the idea from reading this girls blog. Her commentary had me cracking up, so rather than copying it as my own or trying to write my own, just go read her blog post. She also has some other very funny "must haves" for mom's. Here's a few pics I snagged.

Kid Leash (really I would never use, but could see why some might)

The Baby Mop
Up to our old tricks
I had forgotten about the fan trick, but Todd reminded me last night. Anthony used to love the stove fan in the kitchen and it would always sooth him right to sleep when nothing else would. Well it lucky for us, it works pretty good for Bella too. Only problem is, the fan is so darn loud that I can't stand the noise myself. But if I need to free up my hands for a while, it works pretty good, and she will actually sleep in her bouncer seat near the fan for a good little while.
Last night I decided to move her bassinet out of my room and into the bathroom so I could turn the shower fan on and I think it really helped her sleep better. She and I both got a couple 3 hour stretches of sleep, and I didn't wake up with every little grunt she made since she wasn't right next to my bed.

Bella's first (real) bath
She didn't exactly enjoy the experience, but I had to take the pictures anyway. You only get 1 first bath. With Anthony's first bath I put the little tub in the big tub, this time I tried it in the shower, and it's so much easier, I wish I'd thought of that back then.
Tony PicturesTony's first animal sound he says is "baa" At church last week they brought a sheep in for the kids. I thought he'd be more excited about it, but he kept a good distance. Maybe he didn't know it was a sheep, the toy sheep he has at home is white.

Trying to sooth his crying sister. He is turning out to be a really sweet big brother.
Showing off his John Deere hat before going to bed. He is always such a sweetie right before bed. Almost as if he knows being adorable will prolong bedtime. Usually it works too.
P.S. It takes exactly 1.25 hours to get myself showered and dressed, not counting hair and make up time, (that will likely not happen most days anyway) and Bella and Tony bathed and dressed for the day. I really need to work on improving my time.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bella's bed

Here are the promised pictures of Bella's new bed that my mom has been working so hard on this week. She made the bed skirt, the bumpers, and even a matching sheet. My sister Rachael made the blanket.

My mom also made me some burp cloths. We went to buy diapers at Target and then she was going to stitch the fabric down the center, but we couldn't find ones we liked. So my mom just bought fabric and made the whole thing. They turned out so cute. She is going to make matching bibs too, but since I don't need those for a few months she is going to work on those at home and send them to me. And now for a few pictures of Anthony... He found his hat this morning and was trying to put it on, but was having a little bit of difficulty.

Week 1


Well we all survived week one. Although we had quite a bit of help from my mom and Todd's mom. My mom is here staying with me for the week and has been a huge help with the kids, the meals, and the cleaning. In addition to all that she has been sewing like mad to get Bella's bedding made. She finally finished it today, and then decided that she needed to make a matching sheet, cause the white one I bought just wont do. Todd's mom has also been a big help. She lives just around the street corner and whenever I need a break from two kids she takes Tony off my hands for a couple (2,3,6 or 7) hours which is a huge help. He is really needy right now, even though he is getting better and better everyday with adapting to the fact that he has a sister to share his mommy with. Sometimes he just needs a little one on one attention, and Grandma J gives him just that. I don't really have that luxury anymore. He can be really sweet with Bella at times, offering her his pacifier when she is crying, and at other times he tries to hit her. It makes me nervous when he gets close to her, cause I never know if he's going to be sweet or rough.
As for the night times, I think it's going pretty good. She wakes up about 3 times during the night to eat, and most times she will go right back to sleep in her bassinet. A few nights she hasn't wanted to, and I just bring her downstairs and we both fall back asleep on the couch together.
During the day she is very good. Sleeps a lot right now, hardly ever fussy without a good reason. She is held almost all the time, so she is becoming very spoiled. I hope I can keep it up when my mom leaves, I had a small taste of what's to come next week when she's gone. I was home alone with both kids for about 1 hour the other day and I couldn't wait for her to get back home. I was giving the baby a bath at the sink when Tony woke up from his nap, then he needed dinner, and Bella wanted to be held. When I gave him is dinner he picked the plate up and dumped it on the floor. It was a rough hour, and starting next week I get to be home alone for the whole day. Hopefully I can manage. Todd's back to work too so he wont be much help during the day, but thankfully his evenings aren't that busy yet so he can help me in the evenings.
I think my blogging is going to be pretty infrequent for the next few months as this is the first time I've had time to sit at the computer for anything other than quickly checking my email. I will try to at least post pictures from time to time, but the story part will be brief if at all.

P.S. Todd has my camera now, but tonight I will take a picture and post it on my blog of the baby crib bedding my mom made.