Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random stuff

Anthony has given up the pacifier during the day, and now he only uses it when he is in his crib. It was a really easy transition. Mostly I did it because he has become quite the good hider, and come nap or night time, I was having a hard time finding it. So I decided that it will stay in the bed from now on. Surprisingly he doesn't seem to mind, I used to have to take it from him in the morning, but now he throws it back in the crib when I pick him up. However, now I have noticed that his finger seems to find it's way to his mouth when he's thinking about it. Every once in a while he will find Bella's pacifier and try to sneak it in his mouth, but if he sees me looking at him, he wont do it. Sadly for me, Bella doesn't even like her pacifier, but I keep trying.

Bella has not had any type of routine to her days yet, but the last 3 days she seems to have a trend going. She wakes up nice and early, usually 6 or 7 and is wide awake (unfortunately that means I am too) and then falls back asleep just about the time Anthony wakes up for the day. Which means I don't get to go back to sleep. I usually leave her in my bed while Anthony and I go downstairs and have breakfast. It's not terrible, but it makes for a really short night for me.
She doesn't sleep in my bed all night, just a few hours in the morning. She is still sleeping in the bathroom with the fan on. Either in her car seat, or her bassinet. She looks pretty comfy here.
Anthony got his 3rd haircut yesterday. He was a big boy this time and sat in the chair all by himself. He was given a ring pop to suck on and he was perfect. If she needed him to turn his head a certain way I just grabbed the ring pop and tugged it in the right direction and since the pop never left his mouth, his head moved too. Only problem was he drooled a little bit, okay a lot, and then the hair clippings stuck to his neck. So when we got home he had sticky hair stuck all over his face and neck. So his cousin Kirsten, who was over visiting, helped me give him a bath. All clean and smelling good. Aren't those just the cutest little legs?

Here Bella's favorite way to nap... being held of course.

And in honor of Earth Day, I bought these yesterday. They are reusable water bottles. There are 5 total, and you refill and reuse them everyday. Aren't they cute? Also, I need a new blog title, Baby Boy just doesn't work anymore. So I am brainstorming for ideas, any suggestions?? I am hoping very soon to update my blog look. Just waiting for some free time and inspiration!


Paula said...

Yes, I was wondering when you were going to change the title of your brain is not creative right now, I'm no help to you.
In answer to your two questions:
Elise crimped her hair and mine is naturally curly (Ewwww), I would rather have straigt, but I'm learning to like it.
**Big pics on blog: I download my pics on to flickr and then in the upper right corner there is button that says "share this", click on it and cut and paste the html onto your new post and Voila, big pics should happen.
Your Bella is adorable, I love her big cheeks, Hannah had those too.
Anthony looks like such a big boy in his high chair and congrats on ditching the paci during the day!

Cecelia said...

Wow! You had an easy time getting Anthony off that pacifier. I love the pictures.

Denise said...

Cute pics! Being a big brother is making Tony look all grown up! I love your bathtub... that is one thing I regret not putting in our house... a nice big soaker tub. Rob talked me out of it! Hmmph! He's never been pregnant and just didn't understand, I guess! I love the water bottles, too. Where did you find those? I've been looking for something like that!

Natalie said...

Those pictures of Tony and KK in the tub are adorable! Here's a blog title idea: No More Naps (for me), LOL. J/K. You just said you were sad that you might never get another nap.

Rachael said...

I like the water bottle idea, I need to get something like that too. I've been going through 2 disposables a day. Expensive AND wasteful. At least we recycle them.

My idea for your blog title (although I really like Nat's idea) is:

Tony and Bella. Mostly Italian. ('Cause it's dominant.)


Tina in CT said...

Very nice blog header.

Anthony looks so much older (his face and haircut) sitting in his high chair.

That worked out well for taking the pacifier away during the day. Hopefully the nighttime will go as smoothly.

Did Dad and daughter plan to have on coordinating outfits?

The Things We Carried said...

I love the pictures here! How gorgeous your little ones are!