Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Patio, Kids, and Brewster News

Earlier this summer I had it so good with coordinating kid naps, I could almost always get a couple hours of quiet time to myself each day. Now it seems they alternate so that one is always sleeping, or both are awake, but very rarely both sleeping. This makes it hard to get anything done at home or out of the house. Oh well, it is what it is... I'm sure in a few weeks the routine will change again, and if not, at least I know that farm season is coming to an end and Todd will be home more to help out with the kids. I am so looking forward to that, it's been a long summer.
The patio is almost complete, the only think lacking is one set of stairs and half of the floor. My dad flies back home to Oklahoma in 13 days, so lets hope the weather cooperates so he can get it all done. This has been what seems like a never ending project, and it is so good (especially for our pocket book) to finally see it coming to an end. I'm looking forward to being able to use it next summer. I think we will be spending a lot of time out there if Tony's love for being outside is still as strong as it is now. Bella will be running around too, so the two of them will have a grand time playing in the yard, while I sit on the patio relaxing.
Bella hit a milestone today, she finally rolled over. We were playing in the basement she was on her back on her play mat, I ran upstairs to get my phone, and when I came back she was on her tummy! I am so mad I missed it. But then shortly after that she rolled onto her back again, so she has officially rolled both ways. All in the same day. (See Rach, I told you she would do it when she's good and ready.)
Tony's vocabulary has exploded, he says so many words, I can't even begin to list all of them, and he repeats everything you say, it is so cute (most of the time). He is also starting to put words together like, Where'd it go?, up high, down low, let's go and Fruit Snacks! I just love listening to him talk, he has the cutest little voice. He is learning the meaning to words too. He knows book, milk, money, NO, hot, poop, Barney, Elmo, sister, car, truck, tractor, and the list goes on and on. He also loves to read books, he has his favorites, and we read them over and over and over and he never seems to tire of the same book (unlike me).
Buying fall clothes for the kids has become a challenge, Tony is 22 pounds, so weight wise he should be wearing 12-18 month clothes, but height wise he needs 18-24, Bella has the opposite problem, if they fit her in the waist/thighs they are too long. Poor kids, they are going to look like a bunch of ragamuffins this Fall.
Our dog Brewster went to the groomer the other day, and we were informed that he has fleas, and not just a few, but the second worse case the groomer has seen all summer! Now that is embarrassing, I didn't even know he had them, I never see him scratching. I used to be so good at putting the flee drops on him, but I guess I got a little lax about it this summer. So basically the groomer advised I flea bomb my house! Oh joy. I don't think my house was infested, but then again I didn't think the dog was either, so I figured better safe than sorry. You have to leave the house for 2 hours, and then vacuum, mop and clean all counter surfaces! I don't think I'll ever forget to medicate my dog again for fleas, that was a huge inconvenience, not to mention expensive. Thank goodness I kicked him out of my bed a few months ago!

Okay, now for some pictures....

These are the steps still needing to be built...
Just this half of the floor left to do.

The half of the floor that is done.
Brewster all cleaned up. I felt so guilty about neglecting him this summer, I bought him a new bed.

He discovered the Ice/Water feature on the fridge.
That would be a block of white chocolate in his mouth! He didn't eat it, he just carried it around the house in his mouth all day.
Trying to get into bed to play with Bella. I let him do it once and he fell out on his head, so no more of that, but he still always wants in.
Working with "Boppy" on the patio scratching out joints.

Giving Bella a "kiss"

That's all for now.