Friday, May 28, 2010

Today is as good a day as any…

To start Blogging.  It’s not that I’ve really missed blogging.  It’s quite time consuming and I seem to have so little extra of that these days, that’s it’s been kinda nice having one less thing to do in my spare time.   What I miss the most is the updates on what is going on with my babies that seem to be growing up way too fast.  Here Bella is 14 months and I have yet to blog or write in her baby book about her 1 year old birthday and personal achievements.  My memory is not as good as I like to think it is, and to try to remember what Bella was doing at exactly 1 year would be less than accurate.  So instead I will just say what she’s doing now at 14 months.  Close enough right? 

She took her first steps on Mothers day.  I say steps, because prior to that she would take 1 step and then fall for about a week or so, then on Mothers day she took a few steps.  Now she is definitely walking, and walking rather fast too.  I have some video to share of her walking and falling which is really cute.  I will try to get that posted soon too. 

She has 2 bottom teeth which she has had for a while now, and we keep wondering when she might get some more, and just yesterday I noticed her two top teeth are starting to break through. 

Sleep routine:  this girl is a dream sleeper, I swear if sleep really gives you beauty, she will be a supemodel some day.  She sleeps 12 hours every night, sometimes more, and takes a 3 hour nap every afternoon.  No pacifier required for her, just her blankie and a bottle of warm milk.  (yeah I know it’s time to lose the bottle too, we are working on that.  It’s just so hard to let go of something that makes a child sleep well.)

Play:  She plays with Tony in the sandbox almost daily.  I feel like we live on the beach cause they are forever tracking sand in the house.  She has lots of dollies, but doesn’t seem super interested in them just yet.  She loves water, baths, shower, swim lessons at the Y, the beach…

Eating:  Very independent, likes to feed herself, but has not mastered silverware yet.  And she likes to throw her dishes on the floor, so she gets her food served directly on her highchair tray and I give her a spoon, but she only makes a mess with it.  She refuses to let me help her eat most of the time.  So she needs a good washing after every meal.  Her appetite is good and she is willing to try most things, which is total opposite of her brother.  Uses a sippy cup and can drink from a straw too. 

Talking:  Says “mama” and “uh oh”, and Waves hi and bye.

Okay, it’s late and I’m tired, so I’m gonna wrap up this first blog in a long time and end with a few pictures of Tony and Bella.


Bella watching Katya teach Carl tricks.DSC_0354

Tony can always find a toy wherever he goes.DSC_0357

Bella loves climbing on furniture and jumping. DSC_0351 The other day I was upstairs and Tony was downstairs.  I called down and asked him what he was doing and he said “cutting” so I ran downstairs as fast as I could and this is what I found.  He had climbed up on the counter, gotten out the package of oreo’s and cut the wrapper off with a knife.  That could have ended badly.  


Bella’s not one for barrettes, so I cut a few bangs on her.DSC_0374

Look at those cute chubby little legs!DSC_0386

Playing in the fountain in downtown St. Joseph.DSC_0392

She loved every minute of it.  NO pics of Tony here cause he did not like it at all.


DSC_0405Playing in mud puddles.


Tony didn’t seem to like being muddy.DSC_0412

Playing in the sandbox.


Tony helping Ben dig.