Friday, November 21, 2008

Into Everything

Okay, so I think I said before that my house is baby proof for the most part. Well turns out that for the most part it's NOT that baby proof at all. How naive of me to think that putting a few picture frames and nick-knacks out of his reach and putting up a few baby gates would suffice. Guess where he wanted to play and explore yesterday? And there was no redirecting him to more appropriate things to play with. He was insistent that this is where he wanted to be.

I guess it's time for some more baby proofing. I really don't want to have to screw those plastic latches on all my cupboards and drawers, so if any moms out there that have any better ideas please let me know. In the mean time, I have found a new higher place to keep my cleaning supplies.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

big belly and a clean baby

I said I wasn't going to do this, but I feel like I might regret it later if I don't. So I had Francie take a picture of my belly to see what 20 weeks looks like the second time around. After she took the pictures, I didn't think think they were too bad, I mean after all I am 5 months pregnant, and I think I am about the same as far as weight gain compared to last time. Then I found my 20 week pictures from my pregnancy with Anthony and WOW what a difference.
So here I am in my first pregnancy at 20 weeks. I'm practically sticking my stomach out to make myself look pregnant.
And here I am this time around. See what I mean?
The front view isn't as bad, so I just have to try to avoid letting people look at me from the side view.
And here are some cute pictures of Tony I took tonight after his bath.
He loves the bath so much, I probably let him stay in a little too long. Look at his little feet, they are all water-logged.
Here he is all clean smelling. Don't you just love the smell of a clean baby?

And here he is all ready for bed. He would probably argue that statement if only he could talk. Our bedtime ritual is getting to be a bit difficult lately. He wants to stay up til 9 every night and I'm sorry but he needs to go to bed earlier or he and I both get grumpy. (cause I need some me time in the evenings)
In case anyone is wondering, my 2 days out of town wasn't a vacation it was work related. But I still managed to get some good sleep and do some shopping and dining without a baby in tow, which was really nice. Tony didn't seem to miss either Todd or me, he really is quite content with his Grandma. In fact he did so well I decided Todd and I should go to Chicago for a couple days for our anniversary coming up soon and leave him home with Grandma and Grandpa.

Monday, November 10, 2008

quick note

I'm out of town in about 5 minutes for 2 days, Todd is also out of town on a fishing trip. It will be the first time Tony is away from both his mom and dad for a whole day. I know he will be in good hands at grandma's and will probably not even notice we're gone, but I'm going to miss my sweet little boy.

Oh and look what I learned how to do, I got a cool little signature. Thanks to Sasha who by the way has all kinds of cool bloggy tips that I plan to explore soon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Need some blog help

I'm trying to update my blog layout, the sidebar is outdated, obviously I'm not running anymore, so I see no need to keep track of my lack of running. I need a new ticker countdown for the baby on the way, and I need to update the pictures. Also I really want to figure out how to put a cool signature at the bottom of my posts, anyone know how to do that besides paying someone to do it for me?
Well I've spent enough time just trying to change the background and so the rest will have to wait till tomorrow.