Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby-Momma talk and pictures

The Baby Keeper
So I was saying the other day that my baby girl is quite spoiled already. She loves to be held and cries if she's not. Even if she is sound asleep and I put her down, she will be awake and fussing within 5-10 minutes. I love holding her, so it's not a terrible thing, but it makes it hard to get anything done. Also, Anthony gets a little annoyed (I think) that she is always in my arms, making it more difficult for me to play with or hold him. He is adjusting rather quickly though.

My friend Kristin recommended that I get one of these "baby keepers".
She found the idea from reading this girls blog. Her commentary had me cracking up, so rather than copying it as my own or trying to write my own, just go read her blog post. She also has some other very funny "must haves" for mom's. Here's a few pics I snagged.

Kid Leash (really I would never use, but could see why some might)

The Baby Mop
Up to our old tricks
I had forgotten about the fan trick, but Todd reminded me last night. Anthony used to love the stove fan in the kitchen and it would always sooth him right to sleep when nothing else would. Well it lucky for us, it works pretty good for Bella too. Only problem is, the fan is so darn loud that I can't stand the noise myself. But if I need to free up my hands for a while, it works pretty good, and she will actually sleep in her bouncer seat near the fan for a good little while.
Last night I decided to move her bassinet out of my room and into the bathroom so I could turn the shower fan on and I think it really helped her sleep better. She and I both got a couple 3 hour stretches of sleep, and I didn't wake up with every little grunt she made since she wasn't right next to my bed.

Bella's first (real) bath
She didn't exactly enjoy the experience, but I had to take the pictures anyway. You only get 1 first bath. With Anthony's first bath I put the little tub in the big tub, this time I tried it in the shower, and it's so much easier, I wish I'd thought of that back then.
Tony PicturesTony's first animal sound he says is "baa" At church last week they brought a sheep in for the kids. I thought he'd be more excited about it, but he kept a good distance. Maybe he didn't know it was a sheep, the toy sheep he has at home is white.

Trying to sooth his crying sister. He is turning out to be a really sweet big brother.
Showing off his John Deere hat before going to bed. He is always such a sweetie right before bed. Almost as if he knows being adorable will prolong bedtime. Usually it works too.
P.S. It takes exactly 1.25 hours to get myself showered and dressed, not counting hair and make up time, (that will likely not happen most days anyway) and Bella and Tony bathed and dressed for the day. I really need to work on improving my time.


Rachael said...

So are you going to get a baby keeper? What will they think of next!

Cecelia said...

I love the pictures. That's a great idea to give her a bath in the shower.

Kristin said...

hehe i love the baby keeper! still makes me laugh! tony looks so cute with that little sheep! and i love bella's carseat! you have such adorable kids!

~ V ~ said...

You might see the usefulness of a leash if you ever took 4 little kids to the county fair by yourself. I had 2 responsible enough to walk close, one in the stroller, and one on the leash. I certainly didn't feel guilty when I saw all the lost kids crying for their mommies. The baby keeper certainly looks interesting!

Tina in CT said...

If you have a child that is a "bolter", it's better to have the leash in public places than have a child run out in front of a car or get lost. We needed one for Natalia and especially when Tami was flying alone with both girls.

Tony looks so cute with the black lamb (equally cute).

Love the baby keeper. I need a baby sling for my dachshund as she loves to be held and peer over my shoulder.

E.B. in Tennessee said...

Love those pictures of your little ones! They look like they're going to be great pals.

Paula said...

Is that baby mop for real? Seriously we have talked about an invention like that..haha
I'm with you, I couldn't handle the baby being right next to me. I woke up with every sound they made. Nearby with a fan on sounds great!

Natalie said...

Those are some crazy ideas! So funny. Everyone tells me to rubberband a sponge to walters chin when I leave him home. but I like the outfit better.

Shanna said...

I don't think 1.25 hours is a bad time for getting the three of you out of the house! I have not timed myself and I might when I am a bit more healed, but I know we could not get out in that amount of time!!