Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I managed to avoid avoiding the YMCA

Yesterday I made a goal to start exercising again. All day today I was thinking when I would go, and if I was going to talk myself out of it or not. I had forgotten that I previously made plans to go shopping with my friend Jodi in SB until she called at 4pm. I began to think I was going to have to put going to the YMCA off for another day. This did not make me sad, what made me sad was that she canceled on me, and I no longer had an excuse not to go exercise.

So begrudgingly I got ready to leave, deciding that if I didn't get it over with soon I would bail on my plan and then I work the next 2 days so they are out, and then its the weekend, and before you know it, another week will have gone by without exercising.

On the way to the Y, I noticed smoke coming from my neighbors back yard. I figured someone must be burning trash or something and kept going, but then I passed 2 fire trucks heading towards the neighbors house. So I decided to turn around and go check it out. (Had another quick thought that this Y thing was not going to happen today after all.) I actually got to see firefighters in action for the first time ever. Apparently a car had caught on fire. I just so happened to have my camera on me. Now that I blog, I tend to keep it with me for just such occasions.

Okay, so that excitement didn't last long and I was back on the road headed for the YMCA. I finally made it there, and got suckered into a spinning class with my sister Rachael, who is also feeling guilty lately about her lack of exercise. I think it is probably not advisable to exert yourself too much when your 7 months pregnant and haven't worked out in months. I fear for the pain I will feel tomorrow, I'm already starting to ache. But at least I went. I then came home and had a baked potato for dinner and a nice piece of raspberry 'n' cream cake, which I highly recommend. Unfortunately it defeated the purpose of exercising. Oh well, better luck tomorrow, the cake was definitely worth it!


Rachael said...

I can't believe you went home and ate cake! Was that for the baby? ;)

Did Francie make it or did you?

Cecelia said...

That cake sounds good. Do you have the recipe?

Lori said...

Rachael, yes I made the cake, and I couldn't help myself, it looked too good. But I have given the rest of it away, so I wont be tempted anymore.

Mom, I linked the web page where the recipe came from in the post, whenever something is underlined just click on it. For the recipe click on raspberries 'n' cream cake and it will take you there.

Kathy said...

Just think that you canceled the cake out with the Y. It's all good!