Thursday, September 13, 2007

28 week update

Yesterday was my 28 week appt, all was good for the most part. The baby is measuring just right. I on the other hand went up a little too much on the scale this month. I'd like to blame it on the baby, but then that would mean that I'm going to have a very large baby, and that is worse I think. So I guess my sister Francie's comment to me the other day was probably pretty accurate. The truth hurts sometimes.

I also had my glucose test, where you have to drink a really nasty, very sweet orange flavored drink 1 hour before your doctor appt and then they draw your blood to make sure you don't have gestational diabetes. If you don't pass and your blood sugar is too high you have to take a longer version of the test and it takes 3 hours, and includes drinking more than one bottle of the very gross, sweet orange drink. Since my doctors office has a no news is good news policy about informing you of blood tests I was none too happy to see on the caller ID that they were calling me today. I knew it surely meant I failed my glucose test. But actually they were calling to tell me my glucose level was too low, only 55. Okay, at least I don't have to drink that nasty stuff again. She asked if I ever felt dizzy or lightheaded, No and No . Then suggested I eat more protein. I think eat plenty of protein so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Now that I am 28 weeks, I have to go to the doctor every 2 weeks as opposed to every 4 weeks, so my goal these next 2 weeks is to keep going to the YMCA, and no sweets for 2 weeks or really bad for you food, like french fries. Of course I will start the no sweets thing tomorrow, because we are having a potluck party for a coworker at work tonight and I am sure I will cheat, so rather than start off bad, I will just postpone starting until tomorrow.

Don't worry I will still post pictures of my belly, mostly so my mom can see how big I've gotten. I don't want her to be shocked when she sees me in November.


Rachael said...

Nurse Lori, didn't you know you had hypoglycemia already? Remember when we ran our first 5K together and you were sick and shakey and pukey and felt horrible afterwards and then you ate and you were fine. (and we were like, duh? why didn't we figure that out sooner). The cure for hypoglycemia during pregnancy (and otherwise) is to eat smaller, more frequent meals (like every 3 hours) always with a little protein and complex carbohydrate and to limit simple sugars (such as that yummy orange glucola) which cause your sugar to bottom out later.

Shannon said...

So, did I miss a post on something Francie said to you?

Lori said...

Rachael, I do eat every 3 hours (why do you think I gained too much wt this month?) and I ate oatmeal with 7 gm of protien in it before I had the orange drink. But I didn't feel bad when they drew my blood this time like I did after that race. That was awful, I think my blood sugar must have been around 15 or 20 considering the way I felt.

Shannon, yes francie pointed out that my butt was getting bigger along with my stomach. I posted about it, you must not have read that day.