Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quiz time

Here's a little get to know you quiz my sister so kindly invited me to answer! Click here to see her answers. (yes I stole a few of hers, we are sisters, so it's only fitting that some things are the same)

10 years ago I was: Living in Washington, working as a private duty aid for a very mean old lady, and just starting my prerequisite classes for the dental hygiene program.
5 years ago I was: Just starting to love the sport of running (I wish I still did), and training for my first half marathon, and working at a hospital in Seattle as a RN on a Renal/Urology/Kidney transplant unit. (the dental hygiene thing didn't exactly work out, so I changed majors)
1 year ago I was: I don't remember, but 11 months ago I was on a fabulous vacation in Australia.
Yesterday I was: Sleeping (worked the night before), grocery shopping, exercising at the YMCA (nothing too exciting)
5 snacks that I enjoy:1. Skittles 2. Chips and Salsa 3. Starbucks Tall Vanilla Nonfat Latte 4. Combos 5. Fresh fruit
5 songs I know all the words to: (well at least almost all the words, and as long as I can sing along when the song is playing): 1. Most songs off the Madonna Immaculate collection. 2. ABBA's Mamma Mia! soundtrack. 3. Most Jimmy Buffet songs (from laying on the beach at a resort in Jamaica that happens to be next to Margaritaville. 4. Wilson Phillips Hold On (I remember listening to Rachael's tape of their greatest hits over and over trying to learn the words right around the time of her wedding) 5. Fancy by Reba
5 things I would do with a million dollars:1. tithe 2. Invest 3. start college funds for all my nieces and nephews and for my own kid/s 4. Buy Todd a BMW M3, although if we had a million dollars he might decide he wants something else. 5. Vacation, vacation, vacation!!
5 favorite TV shows:1. Grey's Anatomy2. Lost3. 24 (currently only watching old ones on DVD till I get caught up) 4. CSI Miami 5. Dancing with the Stars.
5 things I am thankful for:1. Family 2. Friends 3. Health 4. My RN degree 5. My baby on the way.
2 names I go by: 1. Lori 2. Lor Lor (by my nieces and nephews)
2 parts of your heritage: 1. Very much AMERICAN, but also a little bit...2. Polish/English/Irish/America Indian (Cherokee)
2 things that scare me: 1. crickets 2. driving in really bad weather
2 of my every day essentials: 1. toothbrush/toothpaste 2. chapstick or lip gloss
2 things I am wearing right now: 1. Old Navy PJ's 2. a sapphire pendant necklace (my first christmas present from Todd)
2 things I want in a relationship (other than real love): 1. happiness 2. trust
2 truths: 1. Gravity2. Salvation.(good answers Rach, I think I'll use yours)
2 physical things that appeal to me in the opposite sex: 1. good looks 2. style
2 of my favorite hobbies: 1. reading a good book 2. running (I wish)
2 things I want really badly: 1. to have my baby (not the actual having of the baby if you know what I mean) 2. a garage
2 places I want to go on vacation: 1. Costa Rica (going Nov 2008) 2. Italy again, only next time when it's warm there)
2 ways I am stereotypically a chick: My sense of direction 2. My love of shopping
2 things I normally wouldn't admit: 1. sorry I can't think of anything I want to admit to right now. 2. I've typed a few things, but keep deleting them. I guess you'll never know!
2 things I am thinking about right now: 1. I need to wrap this up so I can get the dog to the groomers and go to they Y. 2. I should have been painting instead of blogging this morning, I still have a second coat of trim needed in the room I started painting weeks ago.
2 stores you shop at: 1. lately anyplace that sells maternity clothes (Gap and Nordstrom are excellent places to shop online, cheap shipping and free returns) 2. Target
2 people I would like to see taking this quiz: 1. Francie 2. Kathy (Warning: it takes longer than you think, I will understand if you don't take it)
2 people I haven't talked to in a while: 1. Andrea (from WA) 2. My grandma Annie


Francie said...

Nice answers! Very interesting, too... I'll have to copy/paste it on my blog too and see what kind of answers I'd give.
Hey, did you start that book, yet?

Rachael said...

How could I forget about Jimmy Buffet. Of course, I know it too. Same vacation.

Kathy said...

Crickets! LOL!
I share your lack of an internal compass. Thank God for cell phones and MapQuest!

I just LOVE quizes... but it's 0330 and I'm leaving for Mexico tomorrow a.m. I'll start now and finish when I come back!

Shannon said...

Oh how I know you hate CRICKETS!!
Remember when we were at Little Creek and Ashleigh caught one and chased you for an hour around campus?

Its interesting the songs we remember. I know all the same ones too. And Jimmy Buffet... Same vacation.