Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The nursery is ready!

So they say you start nesting shortly before you go into labor, and get super productive and lots of things done in anticipation for the baby's arrival. I think this is referring to the mother though. But what does it mean if the father all of a sudden gets super productive and gets things done? Last night I had Todd hang a curtain rod and a book rack in the nursery and then he kept going. Next thing I knew he was putting together the baby bouncer and the baby swing. Today he planted the mums that I've been asking him to do for weeks.

I guess I've been pretty productive myself this week, but I tribute that more to the fact that my mom is here than that I am nesting. I have to get these things done while she's here if I want her help. I also have my sister Shannon coming for Thanksgiving, and I wanted the nursery done before she gets here. Last night I finished the nursery, there is nothing left to do, except wait.
Here are the nursery pictures I've been promising to post.

My sister Natalie painted the pictures on the wall. Here is the football field wall, and the toy boxes that are mostly empty now,
but I'm sure it will fill up quickly.
My mom made the curtains for me yesterday, they turned out great. I love them. I still haven't gotten my new chair I ordered, so the rocking chair will suffice for now. I love the little book bin on the wall too, it is full of baby books given to me at my showers.
I took this picture last night when it was dark out,
but you can see the curtains better in it.
The crib corner of the room.
The clothes hanging on the wall rack are the ones I'm trying
to decide between to pack for the hospital.
The crib up close.
A closet full of clothes, all washed and ready to wear.
I'm really glad to have such a big closet.
All those clothes are just for the first 3 months.
I hope he gets to wear all of them before he outgrows them.


Rachael said...

The curtains look good.

Scientifically I'm not sure if Todd nesting equates to labor for you or not. Time will tell. :)

Amy said...

Everything looks great! I love the pictures your sister painted. Enjoy the nice neat clean room now. It won't be long before it looks like a tornado hit it - toys and books everywhere!

Francie said...

Looks adorable! I realized, after I read this post, that I forgot to come over and help last night...
But it looks really well laid out and organized. I like how there are different areas for each activity, i.e. the sleeping, the reading/playing section, the diaper changing area, and the rock-the-baby-to-sleep area.
I'll have to come over later this week and check it out!

Cecelia said...

The room is adorable! I love the pictures. Todd did a great job of hanging the curtains.

Shannon said...

I cant wait to see it. Amy is oh so right about the room not always being this clean and perfect right now. I just spent a whole day on Madelines room and even though it looks 100% better then it did before I started... Lets just say I dont always see the beauty or signifigance (sp?) that she does for some of her stuff.
Cant wait to see it in person.

Just Laura said...

The room is great! When I had my first I found an afternoon she was fairly pliable and put her in every single one of the outfits received as gifts. I took pictures of her sleeping and just looking around. I was able to send the appropriate picture to the person who gave the gift.

You get to play dress up and the giver never need know it was a photo shoot. =)

Scoobers said...

AW! I love it. It looks so great. Rachels pictures are awesome above the crib. Hopefully you're ready to pop!

You and my friend CA may have your babies the same week!!! :)

Mandy Lou said...

The room is adorable! I find that visitors are always good motivation.

I'm not sure Todd is sympathetic nesting, but you should take advantage anyway!