Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another Great Baby Shower

This past Sunday I had another great baby shower, put on by Todd's family. His family and friends circle is very large. There were tons of people there, okay probably more like 40, but it was a lot. I got so many great gifts for the baby, and even a few for myself. I am so thankful to have so many kind and generous people in my life. My baby is spoiled and he hasn't even been born yet. Although its getting very close.

Which reminds me of a dream I had last night. Very disturbing. I was in the hospital and woke up with a large incision across the middle of my stomach and no recollection of why. I asked the nurse what happened and she said I had had the baby but he was so big I had to have a C-section. He weighed 8 lbs 25 oz. (yes I know there is only 16 oz in a pound, but it's a dream) Then I wanted to know who did the C-section because I was not happy about the size of the incision nor how high on my stomach it was. Turns out it was some very old lady doctor who looked more like a grandma than a doctor. And that's all I remember about the dream. Weird huh?

Okay, back to reality...

Here are all my gifts that now need to be organized and put away. The crib is full of clothes too. This is going to be a BIG project. I may need some help from someone who is really good at organizing, I think my sister Francie might just be the perfect one for that. So if your not busy this weekend Francie, I have plans for you.

I just got these toy bins yesterday and had Todd put them together for me. I think I already have enough toys to fill them up. Oh and you can sort of see the football field wall, it's almost done, just needs some dirt painted on it for the finishing touches.

Here is a better picture of the wall. Todd asked me if I was using a college or pro football field because he didn't think it was done to scale properly. I'm hoping the baby doesn't notice that I didn't use a scale, I just made it up.

Here is the little rocking/reading/feeding nook in the room. But I have a problem. I bought the night stand, and the book bin you see on the floor (that still needs to be hung) and the toy bins from the same store and in the same stain, but when they arrived they are different colors of wood. So do I keep them since I like them all, or take something back? I now have 4 different pieces of furniture in the room of different colors of wood. The wooden rocking chair is going to be replaced soon (which will eliminate 1 wood) with a really comfortable chair that rocks, glides, swivels and reclines. I'm going to have to think about it for a few days. It's not that simple to return them either, I threw away my receipts and the boxes they were shipped in, so I'd have to drive to Chicago, where the closest store is, to return them which would be a real pain.

Basically I have a lot of work to do still, so as much as I want this baby to be born soon, I'm beginning to think I need the next 4 weeks to get everything ready. So as long as he doesn't weigh 8lbs 25oz. I guess I can wait another 4 weeks.


Scoobers said...

Holy bejeezus, that's a lot of stuff! Nice work!

The room looks great and I love the wall. I wish I could help you organize and get it ready. Seriously though, that would be fun for me.
Sad, I know.

Shannon said...

Did you order the stuff online? Just get the tracking# or creditcard you used and call the company. Tell them you are dissapointed and that you want a partial refund or a credit for future purchases. It shouldnt be your hassle. Ya know?

You look so absolutely adorable. I love the bangs too.

Rachael said...

You do have quite a stash of stuff!

I had weird pregnancy dreams too. I dreamed that my umbilical cord prolapsed while I was just walking around, I dreamed that a friend from residency had to deliver me and I wasn't happy about it, I dreamed the baby had an empty head, and that I put it back in the oven to cook. Disturbing, I know. See...your dream is sounding less and less weird.

I think it's not that big of deal that the wood doesn't all match. Who wants to be all matchy-matchy anyway? If you like the stuff, just keep it.

~ V ~ said...

In a few years you'll wonder why you thought you needed to *paint* dirt on the wall!

It's getting close!

Just Laura said...

I absolutely love the rocking eggplant!!! It is quite amazing the work hormones do on our night time visions. I used to dream Ben came out talking & with teeth =)

If you like the furniture, does it matter it doesn't totally match. Ecclectic is in right now. Besides the mis-matched colors are not right next to each other.

I love the wall. Oooooh - and the haircut. I'll talk to you later.

Amy said...

Wow! You are going to need another room just for all the baby's stuff! And every kid should be spoiled a little.
I agree with Laura. Keep the furniture if you like it. Sometimes the mis-matching wood tones look better than all the perfectly matched ones. And the baby won't care either way. :-)

Julie said...

How exciting! Looks like you received some great things. It's nice to see the pictures of you, you really are pregnant. HA HA! Hope all goes well for this last month.

Mandy Lou said...

Wow - jackpot!

The room is looking great - love the colors. You've got just enough time, you'll be fine!

Francie said...

I'm sure I'll have some time this weekend... it'll be fun!
I'll pretend that all the presents are for me! Ha-ha, just kidding.
But you know, this will give you a good idea of what stuff you DON'T have yet, if at all, and they we can go shopping!