Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Rachael

Today is my sister Rachael's birthday, and she is away from her kids, but before you go feeling sorry for her, I must tell you she is in the Bahamas. Yes, it is for a work conference, but still it is a vacation in the Bahamas, so how bad can it be? I thought she might be missing her kids just a bit so I put this little video on my blog for her, just in case she is able to access the internet.

Our mom who lives in New York came to stay for the week to watch Rachael's kids while she's on vacation, I mean at work, in the Bahamas. We are all so glad she's here, we will all gain at least 5 pounds while she's here because she brought everything but the kitchen sink from her own kitchen to cook for us. And she's staying for Thanksgiving, so we will get to indulge in all the traditional vegetarian thanksgiving day family recipes we grew up on and love!

Rachael you will be happy to know your kids are doing well with grandma Cece and eating good just as we did last night. I came over to the house tonight at 5:30 to help make dinner and all the kids were sitting at the table eating dinner already, Jack and Katya both already had their baths and were in jammies. Katya, the one who doesn't like vegetables, (as I'm sure your aware of) ate spinach salad, broccoli, and mashed potatoes with gravy, and asked for seconds of everything.

Katya has also been keeping her good and behaving for grandma Cece seeing as she's sooo old!

Kristen is working on her school projects like a good girl with Auntie Francie.

Grandma is quizzing Katya and Jack on their spelling words, Jack can hardly keep quiet as Katya struggles with her words.

Grandma Cece and Ben went and did a little shopping at the farm store earlier today after dropping the other kids off at school. Mom took pictures of it to post on her blog, but she's too busy taking care of 4 kids to blog, so I am doing it for her. Ben was like a kid in a candy store, or should I say, a farmer in the farm store?

Now my mom is mad because she just found out I stole her pictures off her camera for my blog, so for those of you who read both blogs, you may get a double dose of Ben pics.

And she'll probably be mad at me for saying this, but as well behaved as your kids are for grandma Cece, they are still wild indians, don't let mom fool you into thinking they're perfect for her.

Have a happy birthday, and we'll see you when you get back!

P.S. I am so miserably pregnant I would seriously consider some medical intervention to speed this thing along if you weren't out of town!


Max's Mom said...

Hey Lori- I just read your reply to my post. It really doesn't bother me to talk about it so don't feel like you can't comment. I have one child and feel so blessed that if it doesn't happen again... I might be disappointed but I have a little man that I love! I remember the excitement and anticipation I felt at the end of my pregnancy and, although I really don't know you, I am really excited for you! Motherhood is the best occupation!

Just Laura said...

I love the kids choir! I wish my family could sing so beautifully. They are somewhat melodically challenged.

So when you say miserable do you mean just tired of being pregnant or actually feeling pressure miserable? I'm so excited for you! Max's mom is right on point... Motherhood is the best!

Scoobers said...

The video was a great idea!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the video!

We are having a great time.

(Yes, I know they are wild indians, but they're the best!)

Francie said...

That was a great idea for you to get the kids to sing! How cute! I bet Rachael really appreciated it!
Have fun at work tonight! Hey, have you read Jack and Jill yet?