Monday, November 26, 2007

39 week pregnancy update

Still no baby! The family all went back to New York yesterday disappointed that I didn't have the baby. Today I went to see my doctor and she stripped my membranes, (OUCH) to hopefully speed things up. I was still only dilated to 1.5 cm, but effaced 70-80% which is a big change from last week. Just maybe I wont have to work my last 2 scheduled shifts which are this week Wednesday and Thursday. (sorry Amy if you have to work without me on Thursday) Although I don't know how much stripping membranes really helps, if it's not time, it's not time. Rachael (my ob/gyn sister) told me yesterday that statistically about 50% of people who have their membranes stripped after their due date will go into labor within 48 hours. But that wasn't very reassuring since my due date is still 9 days away, and probably 50% of people past their due date deliver within 48 hours anyway, with or without their membranes stripped. What was encouraging was that my doctor told me that one day she stripped 4 patients membranes, and they all delivered that same night. So who knows, it may not be much longer.
When I got home from the doctors office I realized my house was a mess from having company and being on the go so much in the past few days. I decided I better clean it up just in case. I'd hate to have to go to the hospital to have the baby and come home to a messy house and loads of laundry to do. Luckily I don't have to clean too thoroughly, my housekeeper will be here Thursday for that, but I still had to pick up and put away a lot of stuff, and get the laundry done. As I was cleaning I realized the only bad thing about having my membranes stripped was that I may miss the natural nesting instinct that precedes labor. It was quite a chore to get the whole house cleaned, I had to take a nap first just to get the energy.
So now the house is clean enough, the laundry is almost done, and the nursery is ready, so if today is the day, I guess I'm ready. Well sort of, I still need to pack a bag for the hospital, but that shouldn't take too long.
I'm off to the mall now to buy some new make up, I'm all out of foundation and mascara. I was talking with my friend D'Arcy today and she told me not to worry about it, that I wont have energy to put make up on after the baby's born. That may be true, but call me vain, I can't take that chance. I must go!


Rachael said...

I hope it happens this week. You better call me 1st!!! (Well, you can call Todd first if he's not with you, but after that, I've got dibs!!!)

Tina in CT said...

Oh yes you will feel up to blow drying your hair and putting on your make-up. Within a week, I felt quite good. Within two weeks, I went off with my mother, husband and baby for the afternoon and walked through the John Muir Redwood Forest and then drove down to the CA beach and walked some on the beach. I did take a nap in the car inbetween .

I've been following your blog and waiting for the big news on Rachel's. Hope tonight is the night and when it does come, that your labor is short and the delivery is easy.

Mandy Lou said...

Get all your shopping in now - you'll want your mascara even if you don't make it out of the house for a while!

The good news is that the house is clean, the nursery is done - you're ready girl! I can hardly wait to hear when it happens!

Amy said...

You better call me! (after Rachael and family of course... I will give in to that) But if you are going to ditch me on Thursday, I want the chance to meet the reason first! But I am still hoping for Friday. That would work out really well for me. ;)

Tina in CT said...

While you're home with the new baby, it's an ideal time to do your Xmas cards and wrapping. Babies are work but if you're lucky, you'll get one that sleeps well. I did.

Just Laura said...

Hey go for the mascara - I actually put a little makeup on when I was in the hospital. Vanity is awful but makes for much better pictures. and you're not obsessive - 40 weeks is a long, long time.

The tree looks beautiful - we're actually going up to the mountains to get our tree this weekend.