Monday, August 27, 2007

A year ago today

It's not very often that you remember what you were doing a year ago, but today is just one of those days for me. I have to give Todd credit for reminding me though or I probably wouldn't have remembered.

We moved into our house. After months and months of remodelling, this old farm house was finally ready to move into. And I must say it turned out awesome, I love it, everything is just the way I want it. I guess it should be since I picked everything out. Although, I am working on talking Todd into a garage, a deck and a pool. Maybe if I'm lucky I will get one of those this year. I'm pretty sure it wont be the pool, that is going to take a while to convince him we need.
As I'm sitting here blogging I am distracted by the noise of the sump pump in our basement that is running non stop, I can hear it turning on every few seconds. We have gotten so much rain lately. Look at these pictures of the very full river below our house.
This is a pepper field that flooded, the yellow areas are the plants that died from too much water.

With all this rain many people have had flooded basements, my sister Rachael being one of them. She has some impressive photos of her yard that became a little lake, check out her All Wet post to see them. Our neighbors recently got 2 feet of water in their basement.

I am happy to report that our basement is nice and dry. Of course that's because it flooded this past spring and we have since fixed the problem. Had to have the cement floor chiseled out and drainage pipes installed around the perimeter of the basement that then drain into the sump pump. An expensive job, but I'm sure glad we did it, otherwise I am quite certain we would again have a wet basement with all this rain. Now if the electricity goes out, like it did for so many people in our area, we could have a problem since the sump pump runs off electricity. Hopefully that doesn't happen. I think we have a few days of dry weather predicted, so hopefully things will dry out a bit.

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Francie said...

Looks like you already have a few pools nearby! I'd go with the garage! That way you don't have to scrap all the snow off your car... I hate that the most about winter (oh, and driving in the snow, and other people driving in the snow, and when it's cold, snowy, AND windy outside... that sucks!!!)
Either way, I'm excited about you getting one of them!