Monday, August 27, 2007

Awake again

Another sleepless night for me! I'm going to blame this one on Todd. Tell me if you agree.
Phone conversations from earlier today:

Todd: I'm basically done working, where are you?
Me: Just dropping off Kristen and Kate from swimming.
Todd: Come home soon and we'll go eat.
Me: Okay.

Me: I've been home for a while, what are you doing? When are you coming home?
Todd: I'm done working, just talking with Ronnie in the shop. Are you in a hurry to go eat?
Me: No, but I might fall asleep if you take too long.
Todd: Okay, be there in a little bit.

Me: Are you coming home tonight or what?
Todd: Yeah, I'm still in the shop talking with Ronnie, Lisa and my dad. Do you have anything you can cook for dinner?
Me: leftovers. (lucky for him we were using the walkie talkie feature and I was on speaker phone or he might have gotten a different response from me)

Todd finally comes home at 9:30pm.
Me: thanks to you I will be up all night, I fell asleep for 2 hours waiting for you to come home.
Todd: I thought you said you wanted to take a nap.

10pm Dinner
Mrs. Grass chicken noodle soup. (No, I wasn't punishing him for coming home late, he requested it.)

To bed, surprisingly I fell asleep.

Todd still sleeping. Me, wide awake! Ugh!

I can blame him for this one don't you think? If he had come home like he said he was, I wouldn't have fallen asleep and then would likely be sleeping now. I'm quite sure it's definitely his fault.

On a lighter note, did you happen to notice the counter on the top of my blog?

Only 100 days to go!


Rachael said...

You know your sleeping through the night days are numbered. You better start enjoying what few you have left!

Rachael said...

Speaking of sleep, did you know it was a full moon last night?

Do you know what happens to people in my profession who are on call when the moon is full?

I wasn't sleeping last night either.

Lori said...

Rach, Actually it's not quite a full moon until Tues, but I know the chaos is a gradual build up. Luckily I don't work until Wed.
As far as the baby goes, if he is up all night and sleeps all day, I think we will get along just fine.

Francie said...

I should have called you! I was up pretty late last night too, but I was just watching tv... ha-ha.
And I don't have anyone to blame either...
By the way, it's a full moon, tonight, and will be a lunar eclipse tomorrow night!