Tuesday, August 7, 2007

unfair weight distribution

When I first found out I was pregnant I signed up with American Pregnancy for weekly updates on my progress. It tells me a little about what changes to expect with myself as well as what's going on with the development of the baby. Well today the news was that my baby has reached 1 pound in weight. While thats very exciting, it doesn't exactly make me feel good about the other 12 pounds I've put on over the past 23 weeks. I did take some 20 week pictures of my belly which I will post as soon as I figure out how to do it.


Rachael said...

Wow, you're a brave woman....willing to post the belly picks. (Not that you don't look adorable....now). It's just if you start, you know we're gonna want you to keep posting them til the bitter end! haha.

Francie said...

Rachael's right, we'll have to see ALL the pictures now!
But you are one of those cute pregnant belly ladies/mommies.
As I've told you before, it feels that everytime I see you, your belly is just a wee bit bigger... how cute!

shannon said...

I cant wait to see pics! Dont chicken out now.

I wonder if you will get alot of random people stopping by your blog since you mentioned the web site American Pregnancy.

Should I start a blog too? I'm just now getting good with navigating email accounts. Oh, and I figured out how to get my pics off the camera and into the computer. We'll see.

Glad to see you have a BLOG. keep it up.