Saturday, August 11, 2007

Minding my own business....

Working in the ER you hear some pretty good excuses for reasons why things happen. One of my favorites excuses is "nothing, I was just mindin' my own business." This comment is often said by someone who came in for some type of assault. Then when you ask who did it, you will likely get a response like "I don't know, just some dude that came out of nowhere". Well I could elaborate a bit on some more comments they would give me, but that would take me away from where I was headed with this post.

Yesterday while making a quick trip to the bank (minding my own business) I had a very near collision with a semi truck (some dude) that decided he didn't need to stop at the stop sign before turning onto the main road (that came out of nowhere). I had to quickly swerve into the oncoming traffic lane just to avoid hitting him. Luckily there was no one coming towards me in the other lane. I had brought my dog Brewster along for the ride and when I swerved the car sharply he flew from the passenger seat into my lap and in the process somehow knocked the car into neutral. I then couldn't drive and didn't know why but luckily the car was still moving so I steered off to the shoulder until I realized what had happened. The whole thing was very scary.

After telling Todd the story he was quick to ask me how fast I was driving and warn me that I need to be a more cautious driver now that I am carrying his baby. (but I wasn't doing anything wrong! I was just minding my own business when some dude out of nowhere got in my way!) I have to assume he was relieved that I was not hurt because he forgot to mention that part. But none the less he made a very good point, because usually I am talking on my cell phone, messing with my GPS or scrolling through my ipod not fully paying attention to my driving. I'm just very thankful that this time I was paying attention and managed to react quickly.

So the lesson learned from this whole experience is MIND EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS WHEN DRIVING! And put down the cell phone or whatever else your doing and pay attention, because others may not be. AND WATCH OUT FOR THAT DUDE!!


Mom said...

I am so thankful that you didn't get hit. I hope all your sisters read your blog and stop talking on the cell phone and doing other activities while driving. Just because as the mother, I have to worry.

Rachael said...

Remember when Mom used to say "and don't listen to loud music -- you'll get in an accident!"

That does sound scary. And, you and dogs on your lap in a car are not a good combination, I think. Glad you're okay (and your car!)

Kathy said...

My excuse is always, "The moon is in full chaos phase", whether it be my crazy night or some loony patient.
Feel free to use the moon calender!
I'm sure the its affect on the ER is much more apparent!
Can't wait to hear more stories!

Max's Mom said...

You might think I'm strange but I'm new to blogging and in may effort to learn my way around I found your blog. I love it! It's personal, yet funny. I, too, am an ER nurse in the Great Lakes area and can relate to your stories! I love the "some dude" post. Have you met "two dudes" in your ER? They must be cousins or something! You'll love motherhood. I have a son and it's been the greatest thing ever.