Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!!

I used to like the rain when I first met Todd, because that meant he didn't have to go to work, or so I thought. Plus I figured it was good for the plants, but he would always say It doesn't rain underneath the plastic! Now that I know a little bit more about farming I realize that rain is not necessarily good, especially in large quantities in a short amount of time, which is what we seem to be getting a lot of lately. So I hope the rain stops soon, and so does Brewster for that matter, he is afraid of thunder and lightening. He wont leave my side, wherever I go, he follows me.

This is what the sky looked like at 5pm tonight. You would never guess that just 30 minutes earlier I was laying out at my friend Sarah's pool with clear blue skies and the sun shinning. Rachael and her kids were there too, and she got a phone call from Derrick warning of the approaching storm. We both dismissed his warning because there wasn't even a hint of a storm by the looks of the sky, but we were getting hot, so luckily decided to leave the pool and head for home. I made a quick stop at the grocery store on my way home and by the time I left the store the wind was blowing hard and the sky looked like the picture here. People in the parking lot were running for cover, dirt and debris was flying everywhere. By the time I got to my street I was blocked by this fallen tree, followed by another one just past this one.

Last night it also stormed, I was at work and actually just walking towards the exit doors to check out the storm when the power went out and the ER went black. I was a bit freaked out by the complete blackness but the doctor remained calm and slowly started counting. He only got to 5 before the generator kicked in, but it felt like forever. Thankfully we only had 2 patients at the time, and they were not nearly as concerned by the power outage as I was. But every other time I have been in a hospital when the power goes out, the generator kicks in instantly so you only see the lights flicker. The 5 seconds of darkness made me think the generator might not kick in at all. Anyway, the power outage also messed up the A/C and the temperature started to rise and it got very hot and muggy in no time at all. And the fire alarm started malfunctioning, it kept going off. Thankfully it only took a couple hours to fix the problems and everything was back to normal.


Francie said...

I saw that same cloud out my kitchen window when I got back from the grocery store too! I thought the power may go out, so I decided to wait on the food for a while, I didn't want to start on the bread, then have the power go out!
Oh, and I hope the farms still okay with all this rain. When Jason and I started dating last year, I used to pray for rain on Monday's so he didn't have to play softball! This year, God must of remembered my prayers because he hasn't had a game in a long time!!!

Rachael said...

Those are some pretty impressive pictures.

We actually took the kids down in the basement for a little while, but we didn't get much wind at our house. The kids were not impressed.

Shannon said...

SCARY! I would have wanted to be in the basement at Rachael's house. Were there tornado warnings or anything?

Isn't is cool that you remember to keep your camera with you more often? Great pictures.