Monday, December 10, 2007

What we've been up to

This is my sleeping little boy, seems like the only time he sleeps is when I want to take his picture. Actually he is a good sleeper during the day. The problem is at night. That seems to be when he wants to be awake. I've been given advice by many to not let him sleep in bed with me, but I haven't been very successful with that. He doesn't seem to like his bassinet too much, and when it's 2am, it's just so much easier to put him in bed with me so he will sleep rather than keep trying to rock him to sleep and then put him in his bassinet again. I did manage to get him to take a nap in it yesterday, and then last night he slept a few hours in it, but otherwise he's been in bed with mom, dad and Brewster. Good thing we have a king size bed. I have not been as fortunate as the baby to get daytime naps, it seems that whenever he is asleep I have a ton of things I need/want to do and so I stay up all day. So far I am handling the lack of sleep fairly well, at least according to me, Todd might think differently if you ask him. But he is patient and being a good dad, helping as much as he can with the baby and doing housework and laundry. My sister Francie has been over every night since we've been home to cook us dinner and clean the kitchen before she goes home. We are very lucky to have so much help. His first nap in the bassinet.
On other baby news, we have discovered that the simple life as we once knew it is over, everything is so much more complicated and takes so much longer. We had to take Anthony for his first doctors appointment yesterday and it took 3 hours just to get ourselves ready, the baby fed, washed, dressed, diaper changed*, diaper bag packed, and out the door. We've really got to try and work on our time, today we went out again and it still took 3 hours. I was never much of a morning person, and for sure now am not, the earliest we've been out of the house so far is 10:45.
Anthony has mildly high bilirubin levels, so we have had to take him for blood work 2 days in a row, we got the results back today and they are finally leveling off, so we don't have to keep checking them thankfully, his poor little feet are so bruised from being poked for blood. I guess if there's any good to the high bilirubin levels it's that it gives him a nice tan complexion which is good for pictures. Anthony is getting his first professional pictures taken tomorrow.
*diaper changing is apparently a skill that I have not perfected yet. Todd, Anthony, clothes, walls, and changing pad covers have all been peed on a few times. I have been the lucky one so far (except that I have to clean up the mess and wash all the wet stuff).


Cecelia said...

Oh, I can hardly wait to hold baby Anthony. He is so cute.

Max's Mom said...

I swear by swaddling. I was given a swaddler as a gift and Max loved being in it. I also used one of those baby sleep positioners... I felt like it made him feel more secure. Just one of many suggestions you'll get, I'm sure!

Rachael said...

Simple life? What was that like?

Libby G. said...

I think the trick with the peeing is, as soon as you pull open the old diaper, lay the new one on top while you are wiping. Ask Amy, she did the whole "boy" thing, she might remember... Although it was sooooooo long ago! :D

natalie said...

I thought he had unusually healthy looking skin. I need to get some high billyrubin.

Amy said...

First of all: Libby, shut up! :P

And I got peed on a lot too. You will get the hang of it. I even managed to make Zack pee on Rick's grandma once. (I swear it was an accident!)
You can embarrass him with those great stories about everything he peed on when he gets older! Zack loves that now! heehee

I understand keeping him in bed with you. But unless you want to do it forever, you will wean him to his bassinet. It is just easier if you start younger. I used to let them fall asleep breastfeeding in bed with me, then after a while put them in the bassinet right next to my bed. I thought it was a good compromise. I loved the cuddling, but I slept better knowing they were right next to me and I was not going to roll over on to them.

I can't wait to see him again!

Christine said...

Enjoy it while it lasts. :) Before you know it he will be this bright eyed and bushy tailed little boy no longer interested in sleeping.

Just Laura said...

Definitely try to wean him off of the bed. We put Ben's (Eddie Bauer) bassinet =) right next to the bed so I could peek in on him and talk to him. Libby is right about the diaper, throw the new one(or washcloth)on top.

I'm glad things are going well.

Mandy Lou said...

Sounds like you're settling into a nice routine - hope you're able to get enough sleep too!