Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mouse Hunt

I wont be sleeping well tonight, there is a mouse on the loose in our house. We have been chasing it around for the past 2 hours and we think it is in our bedroom, but really not sure. We set 4 traps upstairs and will be sleeping in the basement. I hope we wake up in the morning to find it caught in the trap! I found out tonight that my husband is apparently as afraid of mice as I am. It was quite a circus with the two of us running around scared trying to find it. Our dog Brewster had the common sense to stay downstairs.
Any one have a cat that can catch mice? If so, can we borrow it for a day or two?

UPDATE: Well the good news is we caught the mouse, or should I say mice, there were 2 of them. This is so gross, I wonder how long they've been there and where all have they been. I'm hoping not long, there was minimal evidence of droppings found, but we did find some in the linen closet and our bedroom closet, so does this mean we have to wash everything, or do they stay low on the ground?
The other good news is our closet is now clean, which I've been meaning to do for a long time but haven't gotten around to it. Nothing like finding a mouse in your closet to motivate you. We also now have a large donation of clothes to give to the GoodWill. So I guess something good came out of all of this.
I think just to be on the safe side, we will leave traps set and sleep in the basement again tonight.


Scoobers said...

:( this makes me sad. but then... i've never had a mouse on the loose in my house.

Rachael said...

You can borrow Spotty Cat, but she's in heat right now so don't let her out. You can send her back when she stops moaning and crying and keeping us up at night. (Yes, I know, time for the vet).

Lori said...

Scoobers, why are you sad, because I'm killing a mouse??? Trust me you'd do the same thing if you found one in your house.

Rachael, Can Spot actually catch a mouse? With the gourmet dinners she gets every night I didn't figure she'd waste her time trying to catch a mouse. We'd have to starve her for a day or two.

Cecelia said...

We have only had mice in our basement. Not to mention the snakes that make their appearance every now and then in the basement also. Glad to hear that you caught them. Both of them!

Just Laura said...

Ick. All I can say. We had a mouse in Tucson (not our house K) and it kept me up for hours. I could hear it scraping in the walls. Found the small point of entrance under the sink.

Kind of making me sick thinking about it. Glad you caught the mouse and were able to catch a positive too! Clean linen closets are pretty nice!

Tina in CT said...

I'm very familiar with getting mice. The answer to whether they can get in high spaces is YES as I've seen one do it.

Sunday afternoon my Dachshund was in the hallway growling while looking in the bathroom. I went to look and saw a mouse on the floor. As I stood there screaming, it didn't move. Should have clued me in. I ran to the cellar for a pail and put it over the mouse (which was still in the same pose and spot). I called my neighbor in desperation to ask her husband to come over. Her teenage son came and "retrieved" it. It was very dead. We wondered if my dog had caught it. If so, at least she left it and did not do what cats do. It still grossed me out. I call my dog the mouser now.

I have set traps and some times I catch one and some times they ignore the peanut butter bait.

Mice can squeeze through the tiniest opening to get inside.

Glad you caught some.

Amy said...

Ewww. We had mice in the duplex when we were building this house. It was horrible! I never actually saw any, just the evidence of them. I had to wash the whole kitchen over and over. They would leave droppings in the silverware drawer! We set out the poison and our neighbor was the one who found all the dead mice.
Glad you got them!

Christine said...

Yeah! You caught them! My sister-in-law had a rat in her house in Egypt. Yuck!

Tina in CT said...

Any baby news?

Libby G. said...

STILL no baby?! I am glad you caught the mouse! I was ready to lend you a couple of my cats, but then you'd want to give them back... Or not, they do have a habit of growing on people. You still want them? They would both be very good mousers! They're yours if you want them!

Shannon said...

I have the BEST secret for keeping mice and bugs out of the house.


You got it! Chewing tobacco. It is the best stuff ever when it comes to keeping the critters out.

I get two different kinds. I get the regular kind and just loosen the cap for the basement stairs and I buy the pre packaged pouches so I can put them under the fridge, washer, dryer, rug by the front door etc. I guess the stuff is just that poisenous that animals and bugs know to stay away. our house was built in 1844 and since we have lived here I have yet to find one mouse dropping from the bottome of the basement steps... up.

This summer, before I realized I needed to put out a fresh supply, I did have ants for a few days. Not any more though. In less then a week they were outa here.

Maybe you should try it. Let me know if you do.

Mandy Lou said...

I have two very good mousers - at your disposal (they're also very good birders, mole-ers and chipmunk-ers). Sorry about the mice - but I guess the good news is you got the closet cleaned out.

BTW - the tree looks great! And the good news it's done before the baby arrives.

Mandy Lou said...

Oh yeah - and I like the new holiday blog!

Tina in CT said...


What a great idea about the Copenhagen. I've never heard that before and will buy some. I'll just have to make sure that my Dachshund can't get at it. Does it stink in the room?

Shannon said...

I forgot to mention that even dogs and cats stay away from the stuff; so, it is a pretty harmless method of rodent control. It dosen't stink if you keep it in the can or put the pouches underneath stuff.