Tuesday, December 4, 2007

One more day

Well tomorrow is the due date! So I can officially start to become impatient. December 5th also happens to be my anniversary! 2 years ago tomorrow Todd and I got married on the beach in Jamaica. We planned a destination wedding because of Todd's work. He only has free time in the winter, and so he wanted a winter wedding. This is also happens to be why we planned the birth of our child to occur in the winter, (I try to accommodate whenever I can). I refused (okay, preferred not) to get married in the cold. So we compromised and had a nice warm wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica with about 30 family members and friends. Followed by a week in Negril. Such good times and good memories from that trip.
I was hoping to not have to share my anniversary with my baby's birthday, but at this point, I don't care. We can share special days and he can come tomorrow. I keep asking Todd what he is going to get me for our anniversary, and he says he is giving me a baby, but I keep telling him that is my gift to him. I mean clearly I have to do all (okay, 99%) of the work to get him here. Plus my sister Rachael was telling me this weekend about the push present. The push present is the new gift giving trend in which the father buys the mother a gift to commemorates the birth of their baby. I'm so glad she told me about it, I made sure Todd was aware of the push present too. So even if he tries to use the whole baby thing as the anniversary gift, he still has the push present which I am fully expecting to get.


Tina in CT said...

It definitely is the trend to receive a nice gift from the husband when the baby is born. I also did it for my daughter as my mother did it for me. She gave me a ring with my daughter's birthstone and I did the same for my daughter with her daughter's birthstone. Ok, now I have a memory lapse and can't remember what I gave her when the second girl was born.

I hope your son makes his debut on the 5th. A nice way to always remember your 2nd anniversary.

Libby G. said...

Ooooooh, another excuse to get a present?! Count me in!! I am definitely telling Jason about that one, now that he is actually going to be generating an income!! Crossing my fingers for baby news tomorrow!

Just Laura said...

Push presents are wonderful! I was looking forward to a charm or something like that. Dear Hubby forgot... hmmmph. Keep blogging so we all know you're okay - or we'll figure you're in the hospital!

Enjoy every minute and write it all down.

Amy said...

Jeez! I really missed out. I didn't get anything (except the baby) for all that pushing!
Zack did get a present from his sister the day she was born. We hoped that if she brought a gift for him "with her" that he would have an easier time accepting her and sharing his parents.
And tell Todd that the baby was a gift he gave 10 months ago and he can't use that now! I would fully expect an anniversary AND a "push" gift!
Good luck, and CALL ME!
**here's to hoping that he has been listening and will make an appearance tomorrow!

Shannon said...

I hope I am home when you go into labor. I can't wait for the call.

Tina in CT said...

I hope when I log on tonight after work to Rachel's blog that there will be an entry that she was off to the hospital as you were in labor!

Happy anniversary today!

Cecelia said...

I never heard of the push present. I guess I missed out on a few gifts. Hope the little one makes his appearance soon.

Rachael said...

I can't believe all that shopping we did didn't do the trip. Too bad I'm working, we could try again (esp. as we weren't terribly successful in the actually shopping part either yesterday!)

I think you should show some wedding pics!

Mandy Lou said...

Ok - so that's two presents for you right? 'Cause there's no way I'd take "a baby" as an excuse for not getting a present ;-).

Hopefully the little guy will hang on for one more day and still let you have your anniversary (and your present).

Also, the "push present" maybe very hip now, but my grandmother had quite a nice collection of jewelry from her three c-sections!

Christine said...

I didn' trealize that your duedate was tomorrow. I thought you were already overdue. I just wrote about my last birthing experience at home. Maybe once you read it, you will not feel so alone. I was seven days overdue with my sixth child. :)

natalie said...

ok, that was a funny post. Sorry today has come and on its way out with no baby. Tomorrow is a better day anyways. Good luck, see you this weekend.