Sunday, October 21, 2007

Then and Now pregnant pictures

We had another great October weekend with temperatures in the 70's. I'm loving the warm weather while it lasts. Sunday Todd and I drove down by the beach, we haven't been there in quite a while. The water was rough, and I imagine cold, and it was also quite windy, so I was a bit surprised to see 2 girls in bikini's trying to catch some late season sun. I doubt they got much more than sand blasted with the wind blowing so hard.

But it did make me happy that I timed my pregnancy pretty good. I wanted to time it so that we would have the baby during Todd's off season and I guess it just worked out to my benefit to also time the end of my pregnancy when swimsuit season is well over.
I know these pictures are over due, I promised them to a few people a couple weeks ago, but I've been stalling just a bit because.... well I think you can see why.

This was me then... at 20 weeks.
I remember thinking I was really showing then.

This is me now.... at 34 weeks.
I guess you could say I've grown a lot in 14 weeks.

I've been a bit of a blogger slacker lately, so I hope this will suffice everyone for now.


Rachael said...

Nope. I already saw you in person. Didn't suffice. Better blog something else! :)

You look great and I can't believe you're already 34 weeks!! (Funny though that you aren't raising your shirt up anymore!)

Shannon said...

Did you only gain belly weight? You have the roundest belly, but you hardly look pregnant. Okay, so you look obviously pregnant because you have a protruding belly, but that is the only thing that changed. You are still tiny everywhere elce. hmmh.

Scoobers said...

Cute belly! Shannon is right... you are one of those women who gains only a baby belly and no where else.

Lucky that you won't be 8-9 months in the middle of the July heat!

Max's Mom said...

You look awesome! You're in the homestretch now! One of the female doctors I work with said once, "Motherhood is full of sacrafices... the first one is your body."