Saturday, October 13, 2007

Could someone please get me a cupcake?

Most women will experience food cravings at some point or another during pregnancy. The most popular craving is sweets. Why all the cravings?
There are many reasons that women experience food cravings during pregnancy. Perhaps the simplest explanation is your body is working twenty four hours a day seven days a week to grow a healthy baby. Some cravings are simply the result of your body's needs for additional calories during pregnancy.
Many women describe their pregnancy cravings as overpowering. While scientists haven't yet established why cravings are so strong among pregnant women, they certainly acknowledge that food cravings during pregnancy are the norm rather than the exception to the rule.
Okay so I found an article on food cravings during pregnancy and cut and pasted it into my blog, I then deleted all the stuff it said that I didn't want to hear or didn't agree with to make a very fitting statement about my food cravings. (You can read the article in full HERE if your curious.)
Many people have asked me what my cravings are, and I really haven't had a specific answer other than "food in general" until tonight. I currently have a very strong craving for cupcakes, they are of course the new cake! I have been craving them on and off ever since I watched an episode of The Biggest Loser a couple weeks ago and they were trying to tempt the coaches to cheat on their diet with the most amazing looking cupcakes. Well today when I was out shopping I gave into my craving and picked up some cake mix, buttery yellow and fudge chocolate, since I couldn't decide, and some dark chocolate frosting. Well it is now 9:30pm and I really want to make these cupcakes but I can't find my muffin tins. UGH! I'm so frustrated. So to all my sisters, whichever one of you has my muffin tins could you please return them ASAP!!!
P.S. Can you really blame me? Don't the cupcakes in the pictures look delicious?


Rachael said...

I'm quite sure I didn't take your muffin tins, but you can borrow one of mine if you want.

(I was going to say, if you give me a cupcake, but I'm on a stupid diet -- which makes those cupcakes look all the more yummy.)

Cecelia said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy. I need to practice making my cupcakes more eye-appealing.

My favorite foods to eat when pregnant were donuts and ice cream. Could that be part of the reason my children are so sweet?

Francie said...

Mom, you are so funny!
Lori, no time to read the post but am craving a cupcake, now...

Karen said...

I have not been pregnant in over a year and I am now craving some cupcakes. Thanks allot. haha

When I was pregnant, my only real strong cravings were avocados and every fruit imaginable.