Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Back to the name debate

I was quite surprised today when I found Todd looking at this website today. It's actually pretty cool. You can type in your last name and the name genie gives you first and middle names that sound good with it, or you can give it a first name or middle name with your last name and it gives you the other one. I would have never guessed Todd was looking on the internet for baby names in his free time. So today we put in Lucio since Todd has been pretty stuck on that name lately, and guess what the first choice for a middle name was? Leo. Which is the name I like. Lucio Leo C*******. Sounds like it might be a winner. When I only gave the genie my last name he came up with another name I really like... Gavin Riley C*******. So far Todd's not convinced, but who knows, it might grow on him like Lucio is growing on me.

Of course if we do name him Lucio he will most likely be called Luke, the American version of Lucio. My family is big on nicknames so it's really no big thing to call him something other than his actual name. My grandpa has 3 siblings, and they all go by something other than their real name. My grandpa's name was Charles and he always went by Buddy, his sister Virginia went by Ginner, another sister we called Bugs and I don't even know her real name, another sister was called Mone, and I think that might actually be her real name but who knows. My Grandpa must have thought all that nickname stuff was dumb and you should just name them what your going to call them because he and my grandma named my dad Tommy, not Thomas, not Tom but Tommy!
So we have yet to come up with a definite name, it is such a hard decision. But at least we're making progress.


Scoobers said...

I had such a hard time naming my PUPPY!
So, I can't imagine the stress of naming a whole baby!

Lucio and Leo are good names. Would you call him Leo? It's cute!

Rachael said...

I wouldn't put too much stock in that baby name generator...I put in my last name (just curious...not that I'm having any more kids!) and it gave me:

girl: Stacy Abigail
boy: Lawrence Wesley

I don't think so.

But Lucio Leo or Leo Lucio is growing on me.

kathy said...

you always leave nice comments! no lurky! copy away. we all have pretty much the same feelings about it anyway : )

just make sure to mention schmutzie and the great delurking. she's the originator after all.

Shannon said...

"Lucio" says Madeline.

If you arn't in love with the name Riley, please dont use it because it is at the top of my favorite's if the occasion ever presented itself again.

Lori said...

I'm pretty sure Lucio Leo is going to be the name, or some version of that. What we will actually call him is still up in the air. Leo, Luke or Luc, maybe once we see him one will seem more right than the others.

Cecelia said...

I think Mone's real name is Lena. I can't remember for sure, I just know that Mone is a nick -name.

I like the name Gavin Riley It's pretty cute.

I also like Lucio.

The name won't matter to me. This little baby will be most precious to me.