Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Seen at work!

The other day Kathy, who is also a nurse posted about something she overheard at work. Which leads me to my post today of something I saw at work.
Bilateral leg sores from knees to ankles, swollen and fluid filled macerated skin that was flaking away in layers with raw flesh exposed. The gauze bandages on these wounds were soaked with drainage from the sores and the drainage had dripped down into the slipper like shoes that were now soaked like a wet sponge that could be wrung out with wound broth. The feet were water logged from being in wet shoes for so long.
Another nurse had removed the bandages to examine the wounds, but it was shift change so the cleaning and redressing part was all mine. When she removed the old bandages she found maggots crawling in the sores. Yes I said maggots.
My first plan of action was to put some Vicks up my nose (great for avoiding bad smells), put on a mask and gown and tackle the job of cleaning up these legs. As I was scrubbing them with betadine and saline I removed several more maggots from the wounds and between the toes. It was so disgusting!
I know some nurses have seen this many of times, but it was a first for me and I just thought I'd share. Aren't you glad you read my blog today??


Rachael said...

Wow. That's really disgusting.

I saw something pretty disgusting today at work too. I think I best not post about it though.

Scoobers said...

(excuse me, I have the willies)

Oh dear. I have only heard of maggots in wounds but have not seen it. Way to tackle the project, Lori!

~ V ~ said...

Wound broth? I haven't had a chance to eat my lunch yet. I think I'll skip it, thankyouverymuch. Next time I'll pay attention to your warnings!

Max's Mom said...

I don't know how you feel but I don't get paid enough for some of the stuff I have to endure! Maggot infested wounds would rank close to the top!

Tina in CT said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww! Since I'm not in the medical profession, I am cringing. I take it this person had gone a long time w/o medical help. You must work in the ER. I imagine that you could go on and on with what you see come in.

I got to your blog from Rachel's.

She met my daughter when she was at the Hard Rock Cafe after just arriving from St. Petersburg with her Katya. I am Moscowmom's mother and we too have a Katya.

Loved the pictures from your baby shower.

Cecelia said...

That is terrible. I don't think I could have cleaned it up.

Amy said...

Reminds me of my guy with the maggots in his neck wound. Brandie didn't believe me, so I asked her to go remove the tegaderm for me. She thought they were "medical maggots". (Does anybody even DO that around here?)
We would wipe them away and more would crawl out from inside. REALLY REALLY gross!

Just Laura said...

Oh Lordy. I can't even imagine. I feel sad someone actually had to live that way for a time. I am comforted to know nurses like you exist!

My complaints don't even compare.