Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On the phone with Maddie Paige

Today I called my sister Shannon to wish her a happy birthday, and her daughter Madeline who is 7 answered the phone. She loves to talk on the phone, just like her mom. Here is a snippet from our conversation today that made me laugh.

Madeline My mommy's going to be a nurse.
Me really?
Madeline Yes, but she isn't going to take care of sick people or bloody people.
Me Are you sure about that?
Madeline Yes! because that's gross.
Me I'm pretty sure she will have to take care of sick and bloody people, that's what nurses do.
Madeline Well if she does take care of bloody people she will wear eye goggles.

Pretty smart for a 7 year old, don't you think? She's already learning about Universal Precautions.

PS Finally someone decided to take my friend quiz I posted about a few days ago. Click HERE to see Shannon's answers. And thanks for playing along Shannon.


Rachael said...

That's pretty cute. I can hear her saying it too.

Shannon said...

She never really asked me what a nurse does. She probably just assumes I wont work with really sick people or bloody people because I shield my eyes when we watch Grey's Anatomy together. I get a bit queezy when I see fake stuff like that. I think I will stay out of ERs and surgerys all together though because I do get kina nautious when I see gaping body parts.

Cecelia said...

I hope you are o.k. because I'm missing your blogs!

Anonymous said...

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