Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We're getting back together (me and running)

Reading Rachael's blog last night at work and I got inspired. I have been wanting to get back into shape after having a baby, and truthfully before I got pregnant I was wanting to get in better shape. I've been a slacker at exercising ever since I moved to Michigan in 2003. I blame this on the lack of quality gyms in this area. I came from Seattle which has tons of gyms to choose from with really good classes and really good equipment. Here I have 2 gyms to choose from, neither are that impressive, and the monthly fees are about twice as much. I ended up joining the YMCA, but the classes are lame, and the weight room isn't that impressive either. So lets just say the YMCA is getting a really good deal on me. Or should I say, HAS been, because lately, I've actually been going a few times a week.

I used to be a runner, but it was very short lived, maybe 2 years max. It started back in 2002. Rachael called me up and said she found an article in Shape Magazine for a non-runner to train for a 10K in 12 weeks. She was living in Grand Rapids at the time and the twelve week plan she found would be perfect timing for GR's annual Reeds Lake 10K. So we started the plan, me in WA her in MI and I stuck to it faithfully and then flew out to visit her to run the race.

And Oh, by the way, she also just happened to be moving that same weekend (which I thought was rather convenient on her part), but she told me not to worry, she was being moved by a moving company and we wouldn't have to do hardly anything. That turned out to be a big fat lie. Yes she had movers, but the movers had come the week before I got there and packed the house, except the stuff she needed for the weekend and all the stuff she felt she needed to pack herself, which turned out to be a lot of stuff. And then there was the cleaning, and by the way she didn't have AC in her house, and it was a record HOT high 90's June. Remember I lived in Seattle where if it hit 80 degrees it was a scorcher. But I did get to witness my nephew Jack take his first steps, so I guess it was all worth it.

Okay so back to the running thing. We ran the 10K, it was a total rush and we both loved it. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with running. The relationship grew with every race I ran. The Seattle 1/2 marathon and the Vancouver, Canada 1/2 marathon were two of the biggies, then there was the San Diego Rock N Roll 26.2 mile Marathon in 2003 (the final fate of our relationship). Me and running didn't get along too well during this 4 and 1/2 hour ordeal and we decided to part ways after leaving San Diego and never see each other again. Which was a bit disappointing because the other 3 girls I ran it with, Rachael included, really loved it and couldn't wait to do it again.

Then I moved to Michigan and Rachael convinced me to give running another chance. So about a year after leaving running in San Diego, I decided to give it another chance. Sadly it didn't last long, just long enough for me to run the Chicago Lakeshore 1/2 marathon and then I was done AGAIN. And now here I am AGAIN willing to give it one more try but this time I am going to start over at the beginning and take it nice and slow. I think 10K's are the perfect distance for a run. A 5K seems too short, and a half marathon too long, and a full marathon, well that's just stupid. So maybe if I keep my distance more reasonable I will actually enjoy running more, and hopefully wont give up this time. Although now that I have Anthony it makes things a lot more complicated, but I still think I'm up for the challenge. Rachael found this couch to 5K plan she found from Sasha and wants to try, but I think I am a bit partial to this original Shape Magazine plan I started with back in 2002. (I can't believe Rachael saved it)

Anyone else want to start it too, it would be a lot more motivating to keep it up if I had a few choices in running partners to mix it up a bit. The start date for this plan is Superbowl sunday.


Moneek said...

Hey! My name is Moneek, I've been a silent reader for a little while. I found your blog through your sister(Rachael).
I tried Cross Country my freshman year and never wanted to run again. It was too much. But the 5K plan seems to be right up my alley...slow..lol...I think I pushed myself to be like the rest of the girls who had been running for years and just pooped myself out. But both you and Rachaels blogs have inspired me. Super Bowl Sunday it is!! :)

Cecelia said...

No thank you. I think I'll stick to walking. Does that count?

Rachael said...

Lori, you are welcome to borrow my very awesome, smooth as silk Baby Jogger for Anthony. (although it's a little bit cold right now to take him out).

Belle of Madison said...

More power to you. I want to BE in better shape, but I can think of a thousand things I'd rather do than actually devote time to exercising. Although I would kinda like to run a 5K. I think that would be my limit.

Amy said...

I did a 5K walk once. Does that count?
I have never liked running. (Rick insists it is because I have never run far enough to get the "runner's high". - whatever)
I will work out with you (classes or weight machines at the Y), but don't count on me to actually run anywhere.

Morgan said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Babes in Blogland. Crazy enough I JUST found that same couch to 5k link somewhere else today. I think it's a sign that I need to start running when my baby is born. I'm due end of April/beg of May, but I'm definitely going to do it now!

CM said...

Hey! I found you through your sisters blog! I am on the C25k bandwagon as and am 4 weeks in! Its truly amazing! I have never ran in my whole life and had no idea how good it can make you feel! Good luck and feel free to check out my blog! I think we could all encourage each other.