Thursday, January 17, 2008

The sun is calling

Usually by this time of year Todd and I have been on at least 1 vacation and have another one planned for before spring when he starts back to work. This year having a baby sort of messed up our travel plans. Before he was born we figured he wouldn't really slow us down, we'd just take him with us. Now that we know just how much work a newborn is, we decided that spending money on a vacation would be wasteful since we would spend the majority of the time in the hotel room with the baby. While Anthony is worth all the sacrifices we make for him, it was sort of sad to think that we weren't going to get a vacation this year. But now that March is soon approaching, and our window of opportunity for a vacation is closing we decided we just had to go somewhere. We picked that last week in Feb, so Anthony will be almost 3 months old, and hopefully an easier baby by then. So where do you go with a baby? We usually go somewhere in the Caribbean for our vacations or to Lighthouse Point, Florida where our condo is. Since the Anthony doesn't have a passport and we have now rented out our condo, we were unsure where if at all we would go. So we called our travel agent extraordinaire (who planned our fabulous Australia trip last year) for some suggestions. She of course has very expensive (5 star) taste, and while I would very much enjoy staying at a 5 star hotel, being off work for the past 6 weeks plus the expense of having a baby, I decided we must try to stick to a smaller (3 star) budget. Our travel agent suggested Puerto Rico (no passport needed) but the place she recommended required cab rides to get to town to eat and shop and with a car seat and stroller I decided that was too much of a hassle. So were going to Florida. We'll spend the first day and half with Jake and Kay (Todd's uncle and aunt who live in Michigan but winter in Florida) and then we'll go to a beachfront hotel in Sarasota for 3 days and then drive to Naples for another 3 days on the beach (just in case it isn't warm enough for us in Sarasota we decided we better go farther south to ensure at least some heat). We've never been to either place, so were excited to venture into new Florida territory and see what that side of the state is like.
Now the pressure is on to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight. So off to the Y I am, right after I eat lunch, finish this post, feed Anthony, and tidy the house just a bit. (so there is a good chance I might not make it there today.)

My Cute Baby take 1

My Cute Baby take 2

My Cute Baby take 3

My Cute Baby take 4 (I was trying for a smile, but I'll settle for a sleeping baby anytime.)


Max's Mom said...

I can't believe how much he has changed! His little cheeks are so cute. We are going to Florida the last week of February as well! I'm ready for some sunshine!

~ V ~ said...

We rented a car when we went to PR, but I couldn't believe the crazy drivers there. I'd be scared to take my baby there!

Kiss those cheeks for me!

p.s. Your letter was re-sent this week, so it is in the mail now!

Rachael said... could always apply for his passport. But, Florida probably is best for a baby. As you will soon find out, it does complicate trips. Now do you feel bad for me having to walk the aisles with Ben, bleary-eyed from no sleep up late packing the ENTIRE four hour flight to Jamaica while all of you guys relaxed?

BabyMakes3 said...

You are a brave, brave woman. However, I think traveling with a three month old might be easier than traveling with a 6 month old. They don't miss their routine quite as much. I'm so jealous!! I would love to see some sun and sand!!

Tina in CT said...

Are you going to Siesta Key in Sarasota? I've spent some time there as my friends have a condo that we've used. Fabulous beach that goes forever.

I flew from CA to CT and back when my daughter was 6 and 8 weeks and it was so easy. It's easiest to do it when they are young and not mobile.

You'll have a good time. Just buy a beach umbrella and lots of #50 suntan lotion.

Christine said...

Wow! I never did lose the last 10 pounds with any of my six kids. :) You go girl!

As far as vacationing, I would go where I had planned on going without kids. With one child you can still do that. Not with 10 though. :)

Lori said...

Yes Rachael, I do feel sorry for you now. You just have no idea what it's like until you experience it yourself. If you had another baby I would be alot more helpful to you now that I know what it's like.

Tina, yes it's the Siesta Key area we are going to. I am looking forward to the beach. Any suggestions on other things to do there?

Tina in CT said...

Ask Rachel for my email and I'll email you about Siesta Key and Sarasota. Love it there and have my favorite restaurant which is casual and looks out on the water and is reasonable.