Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh No, Please No

This morning while giving Anthony a bath he kept trying to stick his fist/finger/thumb in his mouth. It was so cute, and I hate to deprive him of anything at such a young age, but I really don't want that habit started. Unfortunately I know from personal experience just how hard the habit is to break.

Thankfully he didn't protest when I switched his hand forthe pacifier. I'm sure it's an addicting habit as well but will be much easier to take away from him some day.


Tina in CT said...

I Love your new heading and background. Adorable! Cute pictures of Anthony in his bath!

Rachael said...

Well, I LOVE your new design! :)

Francie said...

Cute new header, Lor!
You should share your thumb-sucking story with us... I'd like to hear that story!
Anthony is super cute, still!
Maybe we can hang this weekend? You work?

Just Laura said...

I love your new design! He's such a doll (can you call a baby boy "doll"?)

Max's Mom said...

Seriously, you have to share with me where you get your cute blog layouts! I love them and I'm sick of mine!

And, the answer to your question....Yes! This month worked! I haven't posted yet because we haven't told Rob's parents yet. We're going to a water park tonight for the weekend so we plan on telling them tonight.

Natalie said...

your new page is adorable, reminds me of Rachaels. Anthony looks so different already, he has gained weight. Hes so cute!

Starfish said...

Babies aren't given pacifiers in the orphanage - it's too hard to keep track of them and keep them sterilized. So seamonkey has his thumb. So far he only sucks it when he's tired - it's going to be fun to try to break him of the habit when he's....9

That kid is too too cute! Love the new look!