Saturday, March 29, 2008

The silver lining

I hardly ever get sick. In fact I have never used a sick day at work for actually being sick*. Yes, I get colds every now and again and my allergies bother me from time to time, but I never get really sick. Never had the flu, never had strep throat, I don't even remember being sick as a kid except when I got the chicken pox. But now I am sick, but on the road to recovery. It started Thursday night, I felt achy and tired, but attributed it to a hard workout at the gym and went to bed early at 9. (that is early at our house) Friday morning I woke up feeling much worse, Headache, fever, nausea, weakness and body aches. I slept as much as Anthony would allow for, hoping to feel better before work. I only had a 4 hour shift from 3-7p, but I was dreading it. By the time I realized I was probably too sick to go to work, it was too late to call in, so I suffered through it. Lucky for me (not really) it was a day at the ER where all the frequent fliers came in for stupid stuff, and people who have terrible veins for starting IV's. I was so annoyed, I just wanted to go in the room, get my stuff done and get out so I could sit down, but when it takes 3 tries to get an IV it's a little frustrating, for myself and the patient I imagine. It's also annoying when you know you are sicker than they are and all they want is a fix of Demerol or Dilaudid or whatever their drug of choice is.
Anyway, let me get to the silver lining part, today I got on the scale and for the first time in 56 weeks, I finally have reached my prepregnancy weight. It only took me 16 weeks to lose all 37 pounds I had gained in the 40 weeks I was pregnant. It's a lot easier to admit how much I gained now that I have lost it. Actually I lost the first 20 pounds the first week, so it has taken 15 weeks to lose the other 17. I guess I will have to remember how hard it was to lose for the next time around (if and when), and be a bit more careful. Although I am a bit perplexed because I still have jeans that I'm pretty sure don't fit me. I guess they must have been my skinny jeans back in the day. I'm sure I can kiss those goodbye. It was hard enough getting where I am now. And I do realize that as soon as I am feeling better and actually start eating again, I will put those last few pounds back on, but I'll deal with that later.

*I have called in sick to work before on rare occasion, but never because I was sick.


Tina in CT said...

You've been one lucky lady to never get a sinus infection. I have had many horrible ones and my daughter gets them a lot (she's just getting over one now). I know mine are allergy triggered.

Hope you feel better tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Natalie said...

So whats the silver lining, The scale? I think I missed that part, great job loosing the weight, I knew you were there. When I saw you last weekend, I was a little worried you were skinnier than me. I can't allow that, I have no excuse! Hope you feel better.

Rachael said...

You have been looking pretty skinny lately.

Ben's going to be four next month. I still have 15# of pregnancy weight to loose. If you weren't my *best* (just kidding the rest of you!) sister I'd really hate you right now.

Rachael said...

Are you feeling better? Or are you going to actually be able to call in sick tomorrow?

Mob said...

Yep, nothing like a good sickness to shed some pounds.
Hope your back to feeling better soon.
One time when I got really sick it was right after a hard workout too.

Lori said...

Natalie the silver lining to being sick is that it helped me lose those last few pounds. But I'm beginning to think it isn't worth it, I would rather work them off at the gym than be sick.
Yesterday I felt a little better, but I feel worse again today, so my delima now is would it be harder to take care of Anthony all day, or go to work. I really want to call in, but I haven't decided if I am or not yet.

Natalie said...

I hope Anthony doesn't get you sickness. Why is Lori your best sister, Rach? You can't have favorites.

Shannon said...

Lori is the *Best* sister? Natalie is right! No favorites. I'll let it slide though because when Natalie lived really close to me in TN I think she was my *best* sister. It is always a good thing to have a sister living next to you. It is like having a built in friend and no matter what, you still get along. Even if one is mean to the other, you can't fire them!
Congratulations on the wt. It took me awhile to loose mine too. I gained a whopping 50 lbs though. I remember crying when I had to squeeze into a size 8 and I couldn't even rely on my maternity pants. Very frustrating.
I can remember you getting sick once when we were growing up. Remember when we lived at the nursing home and Rachael got sick first and then the rest of us got it too? Rachael put new meaning of the phrase "It is more blessed to give then to receive"... we all sat in mom's room at the foot of her bed with a big barf bucket and watched movies all day.

Denise said...

I'm glad you're on the road to recovery! I've been there, done that! Congrats on losing the weight. Why were you ashamed of gaining only 37 pounds? I gained 50! I was within 5 pounds of my prepregnancy weight when Max was about 9 months old. Then I'm not sure what happend; I just starting gaining. I'm blaming it on the fertility meds!

Tina in CT said...

The pits about still feeling lousy! Hope you are better tomorrow.

I had to practically starve myself to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (100 lbs.) and that was when she was 10. Boy, would I be happy to weight what I did when I delivered her (122 lbs.). I am WAY the other side of that.

You look fantastic in all your pictures! After meeting your mom on Monday, I can see why you are slim.

Rachael said...

Geez guys...I said I was kidding!!! Tone of voice does not come through in a comment. You're all my *best* sisters. :)

Mandy Lou said...

Yea for the stomach flu! Nothing like a bout of flu to take the last couple of pounds. Congrats on the weight and hope you're feeling better!

Cecelia said...

I hope you are feeling better now and that Todd and Anthony stay well. Congratulations on losing the weight. You have always been very disciplined.