Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oklahoma Slideshow

To be continued... (I'm tired and going to bed, will finish this post tomorrow, but I want to publish it now so you guys can at least see the pictures)


Amy said...

OK, now I am really curious...what is Aunt Bug's real first name?
(my dad's second wife's name is Eileen, but everybody calls her Teet - except my mom. They get along really well, but my mom says she can't call her something that reminds her of a cow's teat. That name made me think of that for some reason.)

~ V ~ said...

Those are good pictures. My kids ask the same thing Little Ryan did...Is this going on the blog?

Mob said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed seeing Anthony!

Natalie said...

Thanks for the pictures. It was interesting to see all those people and hear that they are related to us, being so young when we moved away I don't know most of them. That was neat to see Charlies daughter, I wondered if she was going to be there. I thought they were in another country.

Francie said...

Love the pictures! I have also forgotten what they all look like!
Grandma Annie (scrooge) looks like she got a bit shorter since the last time I saw her!
She's so cute though!
Oh, and thanks for sharing the eggrolls from Vi last night, they were good, but I had to try to work them off this morning at 5:30 a.m.!

Rachael said...

Amy, I can't for the life of me remember what Aunt Bugs really name is. Her sisters Mone and Ginner are really Lena and Virginia, but I can't remember Bugs' real name. Our grandpa (their brother) Charles used to be called "Buddy" by them.

Lori: Arriana looks a little like you standing next to you in that picture. It kind of eery to see, but you can tell she's related to us.

I WISH I had gone to the funeral. I'm glad we're going again this summer.

Shannon said...

I was wondering the same thing! What is her name? Amy is way too normal.

I wish I had gone to the funeraL too. Arn't you glad I tricked you and told you I was going? ha. Glad you got to go.

Shannon said...

Eaash! I just wnt back and looked at the picture of you and our cousin and Rachael is so right. You can definately tell she is related to us. I wonder what she thinks of having cousins.