Monday, June 8, 2009

Performance Day

Grandma is not allowed to go on a pass, they say it could interfere with insurance reimbursement. I guess they could say if she is well enough to go out on a pass, why does she need to be in the hospital. So we figured we wouldn't worry about it, it's so close to her going home anyway. Our cousin Francie is going to bring dinner to us instead.

Grandma passed all of her therapy sessions, she was given an overall grade of 89 when she had a practice test on 6/4. When she was admitted to rehab she had a score of 48. They set a goal of 81 for her before discharge, so getting an 89 was performance beyond their expectations. Way to go Grandma! I'm not for sure what her score was today, but they said she did great on everything, so probably even higher than 89 today. If I find out what it was I will let you know.

We got all the thank you cards done, that was a job. We went to the cafeteria and got ice cream and then went outside to sit in the courtyard and eat it. It is really humid and overcast today, like it's going to rain or something. Bella is taking a nap now and Natalie is packing up Grandma's stuff so it wont be so much work tomorrow.

Everyone here knows us by now, they even know Bella's name. Whenever they see her they talk to her like they know her. It's pretty cute. Even though she cries a lot they all seem to like her. When we eat in the lunch room I take the dog (bouncey seat) and put her in it, so everyone gets to listen to the song B I N G O during lunch. So far no one has complained, but they are probably glad that we will be leaving tomorrow.


Today is Grandma Annie's performance day since the plan is for her to go home tomorrow. They gave her a sticker so everyone knows. She has to be graded in every area, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. She is given a grade on each with a 7 being the best. So far this morning she has had her occupational therapy session where she had to shower and dress herself independently and she got a grade of 6.9 out of 7. So far so good. Only 2 more to go. She was given a grade when she came in too, so I am going to try and find out what they were so we can see how much progress she has made.

Natalie and I are thinking of getting a cake for her to share with all the other patients in rehab to celebrate her progress.

Today we are going to try and help her write her thank you cards for everyone who sent her flowers and gifts and cards, and then we have been invited over to her niece Francie's house for dinner tonight. We are trying to see if Grandma is willing to go out on a pass for it, otherwise we will eat here in her room.


Francie said...

That is so exciting! I'm so glad she's doing so good, that she can go home! And I'm also glad she won't be in the hospital when we come to visit again in July, too.

Cecelia said...

That's wonderful! How come she only got 6.9? The cake idea is great.

Rachael said...

Hopefully she won't be stubborn about the pass. It'd be a really good chance to assess how easy/hard it will be to get her in and out of the car and into the house, etc. and a good trial run for tomorrow. Tell her you're going on another hunger strike if she won't do it. Although, that didn't exactly work last time. Might have to give up the candy too. :)

Tina in CT said...

You girls and Bella were great medicine for her.

Great idea about the cake.

Way to go Grannie!

Francie said...

Thanks for the updates! When are you guys coming home today?