Sunday, June 7, 2009

More adventures in OKC

Last night Natalie convinced Grandma Annie to let her comb her hair, which then led to washing and cutting her hair. How we talked her into it, I don't know, she hasn't cut her hair in over 5 years, so this was quit amazing that she allowed such a thing. I think when it was all over with the she was actually quite happy, but she'd never admit it. She kept saying, "I'll never be the same." You can see they had to shave half of her head for the surgery. Natalie and I thought a little scarf tied around her head would hide the scar and be rather stylish. This morning we stopped to buy one at Wal-mart after dropping Rachael off at the airport. When we got to the hospital to try it out, it didn't look quite like we thought it would. Grandma says she doesn't want it and we should take it back, which we agreed, but not before taking a few good pictures.

Rachael gave Bella a faux mohawk style of her own. Her hair is always sticking up anyway, so she decided to play up the attribute. I bought her some little hair clips and they look so cute don't you think?I decided instead of trying to give Bella a sponge bath at the hotel I would just do it at the hospital since we had all day to think of things to entertain us. We also thought Annie would get a kick out of it, which she did. We rolled her into the bathroom in her wheelchair to supervise. Bella didn't cry at all, she really seemed to like it. Almost as much as her bucket baths in the kitchen sink she gets at home.
Oh and this is just half the stuff we have to haul into the hospital everyday, along with the baby in the car seat, and the bouncy seat. Yes mom we put it all on the hospital floor. There is no place else for it, so don't be mad.

Sorry for the sloppiness of the post with really no story, just a little of this and that, but that's all I have time for. All the free time I anticipated I would have is just not there. Between Bella and Grandma Annie, I don't have much free time at all.


Shannon said...

You guys are too much. How many sisters does it take to give one grandma a hair washing? Ha. It is so cute because everyone is taking turns and the others are obviously supervising.

Mom and I were wondering what that blue thing was in a post you put out earlier. Well, now we know.

Isn't it HOT there? Why is Grandma Annie wearing a long sleeve sweat shirt?

Tina in CT said...

Love Bella's little plumpness - so cute. Her hair looks adorable over to the side with the hair clip. You need to get them in all the colors to match her outfits.

Bags on the hospital floor.... Your mother and I are one and the same.

Your grandmother is going to miss all of you when you leave.

Cecelia said...

The hair clip in Bella's hair looks really cute. I think Grandma Annie is having the time of her life with you girls there.

Rachael said...

I know, I thought we'd be bored sitting around in the hospital all day too. I imagined I'd read a book (or two) and organize all my Russia pictures on my laptop. I didn't do ANY of that! I BARELY had time to throw up a blog post. It was fun though.

I DID get to read quite a bit of my book on the flight home though. Sorry, Lori, I don't think you'll get even that luxury.

Elle J said...

You three really are the best!! What a great memory for all of you and for your Grandma. You guys ROCK! :)

Brandy said...

These are the sweetest pictures! Your grandma is so cute. It makes me want to go home and see mine. Baby Bella is adorable too.

Amy said...

Looks like you guys had a busy trip! Bella is getting so big, and she is looking less like her brother the bigger she gets. I love the hair clips, but her hair is so much cuter when it is sticking up! (Maddie's used to do the same thing)