Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pretty is for girls

Lately I've had several strangers mistake Tony for a girl, despite his all boy, primarily blue wardrobe. They will say "she's so cute" and when I correct them, they always say it's the hair that threw them off. This past weekend at church a lady said to me, "Your little boy is so pretty, he looks like a girl." I'm sure she meant this is the most innocent and complimentary way possible, but I couldn't help but be a bit annoyed. My boy does not look like a girl.
I will admit he probably does need a haircut though. Or shall I say, did need a haircut. Today he got his first one. He was such a good little boy too, for the first 75% of the time, then he'd had enough, he was done being messed with. The hairstylist still managed to finish the job with both his ears still intact despite the near misses with the scissors.

Just getting started.
This mirror was what kept him entertained during the haircut.
Here he's telling her he's had enough.
But my hairstylist, Rachel is a pro, and pressed on despite his protest.
He really was a good boy.
Of course daddy had to come along for this momentous occasion.
Here is a before pictureAnd here is the after. Isn't he handsome. Of course we saved a locket of his hair and put it in a little ceramic box that says "the first haircut of the prince"


Elle J said...

He looks very handsome!

Sandy said...

Lori...he is just so darn cute! Or make that handsome now that he has his new haircut! :-)
I can't believe how big and grown-up he looks. I really need to make the trip to St.Joe for a day visit...I think it's been afew months.
Macey is crawling and can stand for about a minute w/o hilding on to anything. She is really a happy, easy going little girl.
Carter is growing (17lbs at not quite 4 months!). He's pretty mellow too...sweet little baby boy!
Can't wait for Christmas for all the babies to be together.
(Do you know if 32 is a boy or girl yet?!!)

Sandy PJ

Cecelia said...

Now he's all grown-up looking. I love the before and then after picture. They would make cute double framed side by side pictures.

Shanna said...

He was so good! You are lucky. My boys were around 15 months before they got their first haircuts and I had to bribe with dum dum lollipos. Now we got to a place just for kids, they get to sit in trucks while they get their haircuts.
My youngest was called a girl all of the time too, it was his big blue eyes.

He looks very handsome now!

Rachael said...

Oh, he looks so cute! I mean, handsome!

Natalie said...

lol. he IS certainly attractive. He has a very pleasant face, I'm sure that's why they think he looks like a girl. But That just means he will turn into a nice looking, handsome man, rather than a burly ugly thick-skin, large-pore hairy man that the ugly baby boys turn into. I can't believe that lady said that to you at church! That was pretty gutsy of her. Leah had on brown shoes the other day with little pink hearts and her pumpkin outfit, and some lady was like...oh, what a cute boy. BOYS DONT WEAR PINK! People need to keep comments non-gender, or pay attention to their clothes at least. He is so cute with his new hair cut. you know who he looks like? And I'm sorry, it's a girl... (i'm not helping, sorry). But I think he looks like Madeline when she was a baby in those pictures.

Ellen and Don said...

He is very handsome! He'll be a little heartbreaker in no time ;)

Francie said...

Oh, I can't believe I missed the whole thing! Can't wait to see him tonight, though! Love that picture of you and Tony looking in the mirror... Great shot!

Kristin said...

oh my goodness lori!! he looks like a little man! so cute! i would be annoyed too if people kept thinking he was a girl! your comments on my blog made me laugh so hard! haha feel free to the pictures! :)

Tina in CT said...

He looks so cute in his big boy haircut! He doesn't look like a girl and you dress in BOY clothes.

soontobemrs said...

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to show Matt the halloween pictures, he has some strange obsession with penguins! His little haircut is sooooo cute too. Let's get together for dinner soon? Maybe we can have your fam and Jen & brett's over for dinner!