Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Eve

Halloween got bumped this year for Friday night high school football games. So around here tonight was Halloween. After the cold and ever so slightly snowy weekend we just had, we were all very happy with our 62 degree weather.
This picture was taken by my friend Kristen last weekend when we got our first snow here in Michigan. Thankfully it didn't last long. I just love this picture though so I had to steal it from her blog.
This was Anthony's first Halloween, and although he can't walk up to the doors, or say trick or treat, or even eat the candy, that didn't stop me from dressing him up and traipsing him around the block with all the other kids. He even managed to snag me a few pieces of candy. They kept trying to give me candy they thought he could eat, like marshmallows and gummies, I was kinda bummed cause I wanted the chocolate. He can't eat any of it, so it's all for me, and I don't want marshmallows I want chocolate!
Anyway here is my little penguin.

Of course Todd and I both had to have a picture with our little penguin.
Every year on Halloween, since I've lived here in Michigan, I go over to my sister Rachael's house, along with several others, eat pizza and go trick or treating. She has all the kids, so it's easiest if we come to her. Plus she lives in a good neighborhood for trick or treating. The block is long enough that the kids get plenty of candy, and short enough that it doesn't take all night to get around it. Tonight my sister had a special treat for all of us. She made homemade hot apple cider with Cinnamon sticks, whip cream and carmel sauce (just like they make it at Starbucks) and it was sooo good. She even bought some disposable to-go cups so we could sip it while we walked around the block with the kids.
Here are some more pre-trick or treating photos.
My niece Kristen (cuz-cuz) with Anthony. Kristen was Shawn Johnson the Olympic gymnast. My niece Katya was Nastia Lukins, the Russian born USA Olympic gymnast.
My nephew Ben was Brian Urlacher from the Chicago Bears.As for my nephew Jack, I'm not really sure who he was, but his costume was really cool. I'm not a Star Wars fan myself, but I'm guessing he was some character from the movie. Here is the whole gang. Obviously we aren't the only one's who prefer to spend Halloween at Rach's house.
Anthony actually enjoyed his stroll around the block. I can't wait till next year, it will be even more fun for him (and me).

I'm sure Rachael and Francie will be posting about the night too with pictures of their own, it's always fun to read each others interpretation of the same event and see who gets the best pictures. Usually it's Francie, but every once in a while Rachael and I get a few good ones too.


Cecelia said...

Anthony is just adorable. Cutest little penquin I've ever seen. It would have been so much fun to have been there. Since we moved to New York, out in the middle of no-where, we don't get tricker-treaters. The first year we moved here I bought several bags of candy. Guess who ate all the candy since we didn't give any away? You're right!!!

Rachael said...

Well, I don't know -- I think you did a pretty decent job of covering all the highlights. Maybe I don't have to post afterall! (I will...just not tonight, I'm too tired.)

BTW, once you got past the firetrucks, the trick-or-treating at the high school was pretty good. You guys should have stayed.

Oh, and Jack was Jango Fett. I have no idea who that is, but I think he's a "good" guy from Star Wars.

Sarah said...

Lori, I love your hair!

Elle J said...

Anthony looks so awesome!!! You'll have to put him back in this suit during a good winter snow blast for a photo. Glad you had fun.

Kristin said...

ooo he is so cute in that penguin outfit! and next year you'll have another one you can dress up!!! you shoulda dressed up as Kanga since you've got Roo inside!! hehe I want to do that when i'm preggo! hehe

oh and about the losing weight, i actually have a pretty flabby body, but by no means do i think I am fat. i just really want to get everything toned down and more flabby flapping mess for me! :) but no, I don't think i'm fat and mostly it's just to be in shape and super hot so when jorden see's me after the wedding he is like "WHOA!!!" :D

Denise said...

I love penguin costume and the picture of the flower in the snow! Very cool!

Tina in CT said...

Anthony looks so cute in his penquin outfit. You should use it for a snowsuit as it looks like it's fleece, he'll be warm and adorable at the same time. Katya had an elephant one from fleece when she was little.

Looks like you all had a good time.

I'm going over to a friend's (who Diane nannies for) for pizza and to see the kids dressed up. Diane and her puppy are dressing up too. I've been doing this each Halloween since I met Beth (She was my first boss at the company I now work for.) and it's fun. Since my family is so far away, I don't get to see them.

I LOVE the picture of the flower in the snow. Would you please email me your friend's email as I want to email her and ask her for a copy to frame (if she wouldn't mind)?

I'm on a vacation day and outside cutting back all my perennials. Gorgeous day.

Natalie said...

I actually laughed out loud, at my desk, at work. (it was break time). He is adorable. The pic of him in kk's lap, looks like shes really holding a penguin. (thats a hard word to spell.

Natalie said...

yeah, I like your hair too, I just noticed that it looks like mine. I just got mine cute shorter, and now people will really confuse us for the other. Tony is soo adorable!

Julie said...

Wow, I love that costume. No wonder Sarah was jealous when she saw the pics. Yes, you look just like Natalie. We are thinking of you and that snow in Florida. Ha Ha.

Paula said...

Oh my gosh that penguin outfit it so darn cute. I love the little feet!

Shanna said...

What a cute penguin! I love it. Wow, snow. We are having a warming trend down here too, 80 by the end of the week. Where is fall!?!