Sunday, October 12, 2008

A weekend in NY

Well it's been a fun weekend in NY, I ran out of clothes to wear because I only packed warm stuff thinking it would be cold, but it was warm all weekend. I may have to go buy a t-shirt to wear home, it's in the high 70's and all I have left to wear is a hoodie sweatshirt. I can't believe how nice it is out here, the leaves are all turning colors right now as if it's fall, but it feels like summer.
Tony was a good baby the whole time, except when we went to church twice in one day (Bob had to preach at 2 different churches) and he missed his nap, apparently he isn't one of those babies to just sleep on the go. He needs his naps in his bed. That made for a long day. Also he has been sleeping with me this trip when the pack and play just wont suffice. I don't know how people let their kids sleep with them all the time. He flops and flips all over in the bed and I can't hardly sleep. At one point Kristen, who also slept with me, woke me up to tell me that Tony was kicking her in the head. I can't wait till we get back home and he can sleep in his own bed.
We have had lots of good homemade food, I think I gained a few pounds this weekend. My mom keeps saying how cute my belly is and I get annoyed because it isn't baby it's food. I haven't been hungry once, because before I get a chance to get hungry we eat again. She is currently making me 8 loaves of bread (not for me) and some cookies (not all for me) to take home.
We have played bananagrams about a hundred times. It's a very fun game, kind of like scrabble but much faster and funner (is that a word?). I had beginners luck and won the first 5 games I played, after that it wasn't so easy, but still really fun. Now I'm hooked so I will have to be on the lookout for the game.
Today we will leave for the 10 hour drive home and will go halfway tonight, stay in a hotel and then finish tomorrow morning. I know it seems silly to not just do it in one day, but there is no way I can drive 10 hours by myself, and even if I could, I doubt Tony would tolerate being in his car seat for that long. I prebooked a hotel room this time, but I am still not sure about it. It's a comfort inn and suites and 3 stars so should be safe right? I'm still worried, the area I want to stop doesn't offer many hotel options and the reviews were mixed. I'll let you know how it all turns out.
When I get back home tomorrow I will post some cute pictures from this weekend.
The bread just came out of the oven, hot and steamy and smelling so good, so I am signing off to try a piece with some homemade grape jelly.


Rachael said...

I was wondering if you were ever going to get around to posting! Hope Kristen is being helpful to you! And, have a safe trip home. No seedy hotels with my baby, 'K?

Natalie said...

I know how you are feeling. I always leave mom and Bob's feeling like a gluten. At least you have an excuse. Or at least you could have had you not ratted yourself out. Drive safe.

Tina in CT said...

I brought the banagram game up as a gift when I was there in April. My daughter has it and she recommended it. Glad that you all had fun playing.

I can't wait to have the homemade bread that Diane and I had when we were there. I can almost taste it.

I hope Tony will easily go back to his sleeping routine once you're back home.

My daughter needed to be home in her own crib to sleep well and she would scream at naptime 9at Tony's age)if we were not home yet from errands.

We've had the same weather further south of your mom's. It's been gorgeous.

Have a safe trip home! Let us know how the hotel is.

Paula said...

I totally know what you mean about sleeping with a baby. I experienced the same thing with Hannah when we took a road trip in our travel trailer. She flipped around all night and I didn't get a wink of sleep.
Mmmmm that warm bread with jam sounds soooo good!

Francie said...

Glad you guys had fun... missed playing that game while I was there (actually didn't realize it would be that fun!) Oh, and Rachael has been a great mom-substitute and made home made bread (2 loaves for me!) and we also made apple pies and apple dumplings... a very yummy weekend! Missed you though!

E.B. in Tennessee said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip. Looking forward to the pictures! I love New York!

Tina in CT said...

Hope the three of you are safely home. Let us know how the hotel was.