Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tagged for quirks about me

I've been tagged by CM to tell 6 quirks about myself. This should be easy because I'm sure I have more than 6, deciding which ones I want to tell about is the tricky part. Here goes.

1. I am easily annoyed by noises made by the mouth. See 2 and 3.
2. It drives me crazy to hear people smack when they eat or chew gum. It just isn’t something anyone else should have to hear you doing. I especially hate it when they fold the gum in half inside their mouth to make little bubbles and then pop them. If I am around someone who is doing this I have to either ask them to stop or leave. I can’t ignore or tune it out no matter how hard I try. My mom and my sister Shannon are the worst gum chewers I know, Francie isn't far behind. I have to use the 3 warning rule with my mom, if I have to remind her 3 times to stop chewing her gum loudly she has to spit it out. If I have gum and she wants a piece, I don’t give it to her, I loan it to her, that way I can take it back at any time and throw it away.
3. I don’t like humming or whistling, especially whistling. I know it’s a happy thing to do, but seriously don’t do it around me or I will quickly find a reason to be somewhere else. There is a secretary at my work who is always whistling the same tune (I think it’s her cell phone ring) over and over again and it’s a really high pitched sound that hurts my ears. I’ve asked her to stop and she does for a little while, but then she forgets. I finally gave up asking her to stop, and now whenever she starts whistling I start talking to her so she can’t whistle.

Okay, this isn’t supposed to be 6 things that annoy me so I’m moving on.

4. My favorite condiment is salt. I salt almost everything I eat and usually without tasting it first. Just a couple shakes, not super salty. I think I do it more out of habit than anything else. I even put salt on my pizza and pancakes. The only thing I don’t salt is fruit. I put salt in my oatmeal, several good shakes. When I was 16 I worked in a nursing home as a nurses aid and when I would set up the breakfast trays for all the old people I would fix their oatmeal with salt, butter and sugar. I couldn’t figure out why they never seemed to like it, I thought everyone salted their oatmeal until one day the nurse saw me doing it and informed me that people don’t eat oatmeal that way.
5. I have the worst sense of direction. If you give me directions please don’t tell me to go to the light and turn west. Just say left or right or I will go the wrong way. If I am driving somewhere and I have to guess which way to go, I will always guess wrong. I’ve even tried the reverse psychology thing on myself and go the way I think is wrong hoping that it will actually be the right way and I’m still wrong. I have a navigation system in my car so I don’t get lost nearly as often as I used to, but it isn't fail proof.
6. I’m a vegetarian. Born and raised that way with no intention of changing. The thought of eating an animal grosses me out, but if you come to my house I will cook it for you. I have mastered shake and bake chicken and steak on the grill. If Todd ever gets sick of either of those I am in trouble, or I should say he's in trouble.
I did eat a muscle one time (I should say swallowed, because I didn’t chew it, it just slid right down my throat) to impress a boy and in exchange he had to eat a spoonful of Tabasco sauce. Then there was the time Todd paid me $20 to eat one bite of coconut chicken. It actually wasn’t that bad, I offered to eat another bite for another $20.

Okay, now it's my turn to tag other people to confess quirks of their own.

Mandy Lou
Princess Green

Here are the rules:
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PrincessGreen17 said...

Oh no! :)

Paula said...

That is hilarious. I love your food chewing/gum smacking quirk. My DH is the same way, he will not sit at a table with someone who is chewing with their mouth open.
The whistling nurse is funny, but not if I had to work with her.
One time I paid my older daughter $20 to go on a roller coaster. I hate to admit it, but it got her over her fear and now she loves roller coasters.

Belle of Madison said...

Eek! I'm on the spot! Okay, I promise I will do this, but it probably won't be tonight.

I'm with you on whistling and gum chewing, but I don't even like the sight of people chewing gum. They look like cows.

Rachael said...

Belle of Madison: you would get along great with my daughter. You probably don't read my blod (I'm Lori's sister) but I posted a video recently where Kristen compared people eating to cows. (she's 11!)

Lori: I remember when you ate that mussel. (I think you mean "mussel" by the way, not "muscle"). In Florida right? When we stayed back at the condo while Mom and Steve and the Nat and France went to Disney? That was a fun day. he.he. (Mom -- if you're reading this: we sat at the pool all day and did nothing. I don't know anything.)

Also, glad to see I was not listed as an annoying gum chewer. I try to be careful around you! (chewing gum bothers my TMJ anyway. i do whistle sometimes. sorry. just tell me.)

Rachael said...

blog. not blod. oops.

Cecelia said...

As I'm reading your blog I'm chewing my gum and blowing little bubbles. I wonder if I'm driving my friend crazy with my gum chewing when we car pool every morning to work? She never says anything.

Shannon said...

I was surprised you didn't mention your phobia of crickets.

You do have the most sensitive ears. I cant even be in a car with you if I have gum in my mouth (that I am not chewing).

Francie said...

I salt my oatmeal, too. Didn't know until now that that I read your blog that others don't!

Just Laura said...

I always salt my pizza. It's one of those quirks I get nagged about all the time... you know salt isn't good for you, high blood pressure etc..

Anway, I remember putting salt on my hand when I was younger and licking it off. I guess younger is a relative word since I just did that Tuesday. =)

Tina in CT said...

Did you find your camera?

Natalie said...

Wait, what does it mean to get i have to answer those things? I didnt read through them, just skimmed quickly, Im gonna go ahead and confidently say my answers are probably the same as yours, as I saw something about smacking...

Belle of Madison said...

I am finally getting around to doing this...