Thursday, May 1, 2008

If dogs could talk

This is what mine would say,

Dear Xena*,
I haven't seen you in a few days, I wonder where you are. I think something must be wrong, your always at the farm when I go over there to visit you. Everyone seemed really sad the other day, especially your mommy, I heard your name but I didn't know what they were saying. I think I've figured it out though.

I remember when I first met you, you were so intimidating, big, black and scary looking. You could have torn me to shreds if you wanted to, and everyone knows you probably wanted to a time or two, but you were always so kind to me. Even when I would bark in your face and jump at you to get your attention when you weren't interested in me, you were never mean to me. I used to be so jealous that you got to go to the farm everyday with your mom and I had to stay home alone all day. Then every now and then I'd get to come to the farm for the day too, and before long I was coming almost every day just like you. I looked forward to spending my days hanging out with you in the house or on the porch. I loved playing chase with you around the pool table, I'm sorry you broke your knee chasing me a few years ago. I felt really bad about that. After that we weren't allowed to play chase anymore, but every now and then, when the people weren't around you'd give me a few laps around the table for old times sake. Remember the time I wanted to get into the trash and you helped me get it out, and then we both got in trouble and it was my fault. I loved to keep you informed on who was coming and going from the house, I know you didn't care much, but I would get so excited and come and run and get you. You'd get up and come and say hi before going back to your nap.
Things will never be the same around here without you, you were my best friend and I will never forget you. I'll miss you every day.

Xena was my sister in laws Rottweiler dog. She was a true princess warrior, big and strong and yet the kindest most gentle dog I've ever met. I never worried that she would hurt my sometimes annoying yappy little dog or Tony. She just didn't have a mean bone in her body. The other day she got sick and when they took her to the vet, it was determined that she was bleeding internally and despite all the heroic efforts possible her chances of survival were slim, so they put her to sleep. We are all very sad around here, she was loved by all and will be missed very much.


Tina in CT said...

So sorry to hear about Xena's illness and passing as I know so well what is to lose your best buddy. Please pass along my thoughts and concern to your SIL. I am sure all of you, including Brewster, miss her a lot.

Shannon said...

That really sucks.

Natalie said...

Poor Xena! I loved that dog too, she was soo sweet! I almost started crying hearing Brewster admit how much he loved her. Hope the momma and the papa are ok and not too sad.

Amy said...

So sorry about Xena! I know it is so hard to lose a member of the family like that.

Mandy Lou said...

So sorry to hear about Xena - please pass my thoughts on you your SIL and her family.

Francie said...

Xena was so cute, I was sad to hear about her, but it was nice to know how much Brewster already misses her.

Paula said...

Oh, poor girl.
I know how devastating that is to put a dog down.
We will never forget that day with our beloved Zachary.
My heart goes out to you.