Monday, May 5, 2008

The Biggest Loser in the Family

This past weekend my mom and step-dad were in town for Anthony's baby dedication (another post about that coming soon). We all (meaning my mom and sisters) ate more than usual, because our family get togethers are usually centered around food. Lots of really good homemade food. So all this eating got everyone grumbling about their weight. With summer almost here and everyone feeling just a little fatter than they'd like, my mom has come up with what she thinks is a brilliant way to get motivated.

So once again I've entered into a little family weight loss competition between my mom and sisters. Only this time there is a $100 buy in price. There are 5 of us in so there's $500 on the line here. These are the rules.
1. diet starts 5/5/08
2. diet ends 7/4/08
3. the person with the greatest % of weight loss gets half of the money ($250)
4. on 9/4/08 if the winner has maintained all of their wight loss they get the other half of the money. If not, the other half goes to the next person who has lost the most % of weight since the beginning.

We started today. Nobody wanted to make their weight public knowledge so we are on the honor system here, but we are supposed to email ourselves our own weight so that we have it in a place that wont get lost with the date on it.

So to kick start my diet, I got up early and ran 5 miles. Then came back and had a healthy breafast of oatmeal and fruit.

Ha, ha, just kidding you guys. I really had biscuits with gravy, and I didn't get up and run, but I had you stressing for a minute I bet. I'm actually not off to the best start, since all the meals were at my house over the weekend, I have a fridge full of leftovers that I refuse to let go to waste. So instead they will probably go to my waist.
We all have at one time or another had a really successful dieting experience, but that's not the norm for our family. The norm is to start a diet and mess up, and start again and so on and so on. If I want to win, I have to be the exception to the norm and everyone else do the norm for our family. I can't wait to see who wins the money in the end. Happy dieting and exercising to all. May the biggest loser win.


Rachael said...

I still can't figure out why you and Natalie would agree to this deal. Both of you cannot lose much. But, you're right, since it's a percentage, you have a good chance, if the rest of us don't lose anything! I think the competitiveness will motivate me more than the money...but that can't hurt either!

(Of course, remember the last weight loss "deal" we tried to make? Something about paying money for every day we didn't exercise at least 20 minutes? What was it, like 2 wks.?, before we both called it off as a ridiculous idea!)

PrincessGreen17 said...

That sounds like a really good idea! If money doesn't motivate you, what will? LOL, I'm secretly glad you didn't get up and run 5 miles...I was like well if she makes it sound so easy there is no way I can excuse not getting up and running!

Cecelia said...

You had me worried when I read that you had oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and then ran 5 miles. I did start the day with oatmeal and fruit and plan to walk three miles when I get home from work. I know that you can do anything you set your mind to, so I was a little worried at first. The second half of the post was better. I might have a chance. I can't wait to go shopping for new clothes in a new size!!

Shannon said...

How come no one asked me if I wanted to play?

Just kidding!