Thursday, February 7, 2008

Updates: Anthony & C25K

Anthony's 2 month update:

Today Anthony had his 2 month check up. This morning as Todd and I were packing up to head out the door, my sister Rachael called, I told her I couldn't talk because we were heading out the door with Anthony to the doctors office, she found it rather humorous that both Todd and I were taking him. I hadn't even thought about it until she said something, but then couldn't help but be a bit embarrassed when both of us walked into the doctors office. I decided to tell the doctor what my sister had said and ask if it was really that unusual for both of us to be there. She assured me that with first time parents it is very common for both to come to the appointments, with the second child it is usually only one parent, and by the third child, the parents just drop them at the door and say they'll be back in an hour. (Okay, good.)

Anthony gained 2 pounds in the past month, and now weighs 12lbs 2oz. They say he only grew 1/4 of an inch in length, but they didn't measure him right, I'm sure he grew more than that. He also got his first set of immunizations (3 shots), poor baby, I wanted to give him Tylenol before we went, but I didn't have any (bad, unprepared mom) but I figured they could just give him some at the doctors office. Surprisingly they don't have any there. I can't imagine why a pediatrician's office wouldn't have Tylenol, what if they see a sick kid with a high fever and a bad mom who didn't give any Tylenol at home? That just seems weird to me, any one else's pediatrician not carry Tylenol in the office?
Last night at work some coworkers were asking me how Anthony is sleeping through the night. I told them that he usually sleeps from 10pm till around 3 or 4am (on a good night 5am), then up again at 7 and then again at 9. They assured me that my baby is starving and needs cereal added to his milk, if I would do that he would for sure sleep through the night. Not wanting to cause conflict I just sort of let it go, even though I knew they were wrong. Then at the doctor today, when we were discussing his sleeping/eating habits, I told her his night routine and she said that he doesn't need to eat anymore at night and I should just comfort him and try to get him to go back to sleep when he wakes up without feeding him. I'm not really sure she is right either, I think I will just keep doing what I'm doing for now. If he is still waking up in the night in another month then maybe I will reconsider what she said, but he is only 2 months old, 10 hours is a long time to go without eating.
A few 2 month pictures:

He is definitely getting bigger.

If I put the rattle in his hand, he can hold on to it, and even shake it.

Getting closer to being able to roll over, look how his leg is pushing off the floor.

My C25K progress report:

I have successfully completed week one! Yeah for me. 8 more weeks and I'll be ready to run a 5k. I'd be even more proud of myself if I hadn't rewarded/negated all my hard work with chocolate. These are my daily temptations.

Sometimes I can go weeks without eating any of this, and some days (like today) I eat candy all day, (so far today, 3 mini almond joys). I really should get rid of these, but the cup is a hand painted gift from my sister Natalie, and the red candy dish I bought in Mirano, Italy and I don't want to put them away, and you can't have empty candy dishes laying around. The candy drawer is something Todd insists on having, and if it wasn't a candy drawer it would be a junk drawer, and I hate junk drawers even more than candy drawers. So you see my dilema here? I guess I still made progress, because I exercised 3 times this week, which is 2 times more than last week.


Tina in CT said...

LOVE the picture of Anthony in his hat.

As for the eating, I learned to finally shut up when my daughter's babies were not sleeping through. Back when my friends and I were new mothers, it was the trend to give some cereal at the last feeding before bedtime. By the time my college roommate had her son (25 years ago), it was wait for 6 months for food.

When my daughter was 6 days old, my mother gave her melted vanilla ice cream on the tip of her teaspoon. I remarked to my mother that I really did not think that was good for a newborn. She told me that it was fine. It was my baby but....

Rachael said...

Great header pictures today. Kristen said that is her "getting the giggles out" of Anthony.
I never did the cereal at night thing. But, I rarely did bottles, so it just seemed too much hassle. Although I'm pretty sure your pediatrician has the better advice, I say "whatever works!"

Cecelia said...

I just love the pictures of Anthony. He is changing so much and so fast. I think I need another trip to Michigan so I can hold him before he starts walking.

Just Laura said...

Anthony has beautiful little lips.

Don't worry about the cereal thing - 6-9 months is a good time frame. He'll actually sleep better without the cereal since his tiny digestive system isn't quite ready.

I did lots of research on feeding for both kids. Bekah went 6 months on breast milk alone. I had to stop due to a 105 fever from strep throat - milk kind of dried up.

Ben went just about a year (started bottle @ 3mo because he was a biter). Ouch! Had cereal around 9 months or so. He was on a great 4 hour schedule during the day (8 hours @ night). One day his little body decided to start getting hungry an hour to 1.5 earlier.

Natalie said...

oh hes getting even cuter! I wish I could see him more!

Amy said...

You are going to be getting different advice from now until forever, and everybody swears their way is the right way. So what is your way? Cause he is your baby, and you know him best.
If you are not sure when to start cereal or foods or whatever, find someone you trust and ask questions. Then still do what you want when you (or he) are ready.
Sometimes I wished my kids came with an instruction manual. (maybe I could find the MUTE button!)

Anyway, here is my two cents: He has been letting you know when he is hungry, and he will continue to do so. If he stops sleeping so long and wakes up hungry more often, then it is time to start cereal during the day if you haven't already. How often do you have your biggest meal right before bed?
I started both mine on small amounts of cereal during the day at about 4-5 months. We thinned it down and introduced the spoon. I never found any reason to give it in a bottle.
And I like the pediatrician's analogy about dropping the kids at the door. I found that with the second one I was a lot less worried about when she (or I) was supposed to be doing certain things.

Belle of Madison said...

My only advice about when and how and what to feed him is trust your instincts! He's your baby and you know what he needs.

Libby G. said...

I just want to kiss his chubby little cheeks!

BabyMakes3 said...

I never gave cereal in the bottle and Ali learned to sleep through the night. Everyone I worked with kept telling me to give her cereal and she would sleep, but like you, I just kept my mouth shut to avoid conflict.

On the tylenol thing, my ped doesn't keep it either. We've had to make fast trips to the store after shots before (not fun at all!).

Christine said...

Oh my! Anthony is one sweet, chubby, happy, little boy! :)

soontobemrs said...

Oh he is so darn cute!!!!!!!! Did you get my email today??

Mob said...

Anthony is adorable. I agree with what the other commenters said. Nowadays they say to wait until at least 4 months for cereal. You are the one who will know what is right. As far as the sleeping goes, my Hannah was in that same exact pattern at 2 months, last feeding at 10, then another bottle at 3. I think it was about 3 or 4 months old that she actually went from 10 to 6. Now at 6 months, its great. She sleeps from 7 to 7.
Its funny though, I really didn't mind those 2 am feedings, it was a really quiet time for mom and baby.

Scoobers said...

that pic of A. in his hat is sooooo cute!