Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun travels

After a cold weekend in Chicago (they don't call it the windy city for nothing) Todd, Anthony and I are heading back into Chicago, but this time to catch a plane to the Sunshine state, and lets hope they don't call it that for nothing! It is currently 15 degrees and snowing, we have been on the road less than 20 minutes and already seen 3 cars in a ditch. (yes I'm blogging in the car, but I'm not driving so it's okay.)

DETOUR ALERT: Apparently they closed the highway due to a 22 car accident, so we are going an alternate route, which right now doesn't look any better. I guess I better hope for a delayed flight, cause it is slow goings. Oh and Anthony is hungry. So far this trip is not starting out so good.

Oh and the 3 cars I saw in the ditch in the first 20 minutes of travel, well it only got worse, I have now seen many cars in the ditch or side of the road.


soontobemrs said...

You guys have a safe trip and be careful! Promise me we will get together when you guys get back!!!! haha

Rachael said...

Be sure and let us know when you get there! I heard it was even worse than 22 cars, even made CNN.

Oh, and get some extra sunshine for me, okay?

Natalie said...

Please drive safe. Have fun in Florida! Enjoy the sunshine for me.

BabyMakes4 said...

Ooh, have fun in the Sunshine State! I hope Anthony loves the beach.

Amy said...

I even heard about that pile-up at work. We got a call to "be ready" (yeah, right!) because there were supposed to be 10+ semis involved and a bunch of cars... I think it was just far enough away that we weren't the nearest hospital. We got ONE MVC today. Everybody else has the flu!

Anyway, have a safe trip. I hope your flight is delayed, but only a little and not canceled! If the weather is that bad driving there, I hope the flights are still going out.
Have fun! Be warm, and get some tan for me!