Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I just want to complain

I don't know if I've mentioned this in my blog yet, but since I have started back to work, I really haven't worked all that much. Apparently while I was off on maternity leave the ER I was primarily working at hired a few nurses and a new agency nurse (who works for the same company I do) moved in on my territory* and snatched up what was left of the available shifts. So in the past 4 weeks that I have been back to work I have only worked a total of 88 hours. I really haven't minded that much because I love being home with Anthony. I do however miss the paychecks. But I realize that is the risk I take by being an agency nurse. Sometimes it's easy to get plenty of hours, and sometimes it's not. When I first started working agency 3 years ago I decided not to quit my full time job but just change my status to per diem which only requires me to work 2 shifts per month. That way, if agency work is slow, I have a back up place to work (which is now turning out to be a smart move on my part).
I need to give a little background info before I continue with my venting:
As an agency nurse I mostly worked at 2 different hospitals, the first year and a half at ER #1 and then the past year and a half at ER #2. Well tonight I worked at hospital #1 for the first time in over a year, but I didn't get to work in the ER, they had me work on the medical floor, which I don't particularly care for, but since as I mentioned above, I haven't been getting many hours, I decided to suck it up and do it. Anyway, on my way out I stopped by the ER to say hi to my old coworkers and show them pictures of Anthony. Then we got to talking, and turns out the above mentioned agency nurse that moved in on my territory in ER #2, has also been working at ER #1 too. I was telling them how I am having to go back to my per diem job to pick up hours next month because agency work is slow, and they told me that this other agency nurse told all of them that I was fired from that job, and I didn't want to work as agency anymore after I had the baby! Hmmm, that's interesting because I have only met this girl once, and it was just briefly at shift change and I certainly didn't tell her all that, since none of it is true. Oh I am so annoyed, and this probably isn't making much sense but I am just so mad I had to vent to someone, and since it's 3am, no one is awake in my house to vent to, not even Anthony, because as of last night, he is sleeping 7 1/2 hours now, so here I am blogging about it.
Anyway, now I am just wondering what to do about this new found information, I already didn't care for the girl too much since I now have to compete with her to get any shifts, but now that I know she is talking about me to people I knew before she did and telling them lies of all things, I really don't like her. So should I just forget about it? Or should I take her aside next time I see her and say, "hey by the way, I wasn't fired from ****** and maybe you should check your facts before you start talking about people you don't even know. And another thing, those people that you talked to about me - they didn't believe you, and even if it was true, they didn't care, they still like me!" I would of course say this in a nice way, not in a mean confrontational way.
Okay, enough venting, I'm going to bed, I have a BLS class in the morning and I probably should get some sleep.

*I don't really think it's my territory, it's just that I was there first, so I am sort of bitter about the fact that they just replaced me while I was on maternity leave. I told them I'd be back!


Rachael said...

Can you call someone about the next schedule and snatch some shifts up before she gets her hands on it?

Of course, I've mentioned to a few people at hospital #3 (your per diem one) that you're probably coming back and they all seemed glad. Too bad they don't pay you better there.

Tina in CT said...

Why don't you call the agency and the people at hospital #1 and #2 and relay this information?

I would also confront the new agency nurse and let her know that you have been told what she has been saying and tell her that it all is incorrect and that you have reported it to the agency and hospital. I'd then leave it at that and walk away. No bickingering but just the facts.

Have you considered just working as an ER nurse employed by the hospital or don't hospitals do that? I'm clueless.

Starfish said...

I agree to call whoever it is you call to "snatch" shifts and make it clear to them you are ready and willing.

As for that woman, I might say something to her in an overly sweet way like "I heard you thought I quit, but I didn't" just so she knows you're on to her, but not to tell her off. That can always come later.

soontobemrs said...

Sooo, I would definetly have to say something to the nurse who has been telling false information to people behind your back, for sure....and yes, Wednesday is good!

Amy said...

We just need to make sure we get the shifts first next schedule. I am hoping I get called first next time because of the screw up this time. And then I will call you and make sure you are 2nd.

And do you want me to say something to her? I don't know if she knows we are friends. I am curious to see what she would say. But otherwise I would just say something to her about talking to the nurses at hospital #1, and was she fired from there?
But I am glad you are picking up at hospital #3, since that is what I had to do this time too! See you there!

Libby G. said...

OOOOOH! Too bad you can't go off on her and blame it on preggo brain anymore! I think it sounds like Amy and Rachael have it all figured out for you, but it still sucks that you had to deal with that! Good thing everybody knows you and likes you better anyway!

Shannon said...

Ewh, I hate catty women and women who make stuff up just to have something to talk about.

Natalie said...

I would be TICKED! I hate people who start stuff. How miserable do you have to be to do that kind of stuff to other people, I dont get it. I would say tell her what you think, but then shes probably not worth it, and then she will just tell everyone how rude and mean you were to her. Good luck with that. Kiss my sweet baby nephew for me. He is changing so much! He looks way different, but he only gets cuter!

Scoobers said...

I can't stand hearing that people are talking out of their assess behind somebody's or my back.
If you are like me and this will fester if you don't get it out, then I would say something to her.

I am WAY behind in your blog... your issue with that girl may be resolved already and anything I say will be totally outdated.

oh, and did you know that Heathe Ledger died? ;) jk.