Saturday, February 23, 2008

Renter trouble

The lease is just about up on our condo in Ft. Lauderdale and our tenant has agreed to resign for another year, but only if we lower the rent significantly. She wanted it dropped $500 per month, we agreed to drop it $300 a month. They are doing some construction and remodeling to the building so there is some inconveniences she is and has been living with for the past 6 months. She told me the construction could go on for another 6 months or more. I agreed that it would only be fair to lower the rent temporarily. Then we get a call from the neighbors of the FL condo who tell us the construction is almost done, maybe only another 4 weeks. So then I have to wonder, is our tenant trying to deceive us?

Lucky for her, or maybe not, we are in Florida and only a 2 hour drive from the condo. So guess what? We are going to take a little drive and check things out for ourselves before we agree to sign a new lease with her for $300 less per month. I called her yesterday to see if she would be around, that we were in town and would like to come by and see the construction progress and then she could sign the new lease agreement. She said she was leaving town on Tuesday so we said we would come on Monday. She then tells me, maybe she will leave on Monday. She will have to check and get back with me. Sure sounds to me like she doesn't want us to come by and see that the construction really is almost done.

By the way, we figured out a way to get some sun with a baby. The hotel has these handy little half tents you can rent for the day and it blocks the sun and wind. It worked really well for about an hour and a half. Normally I would say it was a waste of $15, but an hour and a half in the sun was definitely worth it. The rest of the day it rained so we stayed inside.


Tina in CT said...

$15 well spent to have some beach time.

Sounds like your tenant is avoiding you. Good that you are driving to FL to check things out.

Mob said...

Yea, something sounds fishy with the tenant. I bet she was more than surprised when she found out you were in town.
Little anthony looks so cute and peaceful lying their in his little shade palace. Money well spent!

Starfish said...

Fishy is right. IF anything, sign a month to month agreement with her so you can kick her out if you find someone better.

Great idea with the tent. We always found a way to drag seamonkey onto the beach with us. We got one of those off road strollers and we usually just pushed it onto the sand with us!

Mandy Lou said...

I agree, sounds like your tenant is avoiding you for sure. Best plan is to get over there no matter what and see what's really happening!

Love the tent thing - I think $15 is totally worth it for some mid-winter sun! My sister had a pop-up on for the girls when they were little.

Natalie said...

your going way too easy on your renter. Just tell her to leave if she doesn't want to pay the amount... see what she says then. She might trash it if she gets mad though. So did you ever go check on the construction?

Shannon said...

I'm curious to hear what went down too. Don't leave us hanging too long.

What a strange request... Where elce is the crazy renter going to live and still be near the beach.?

Dont you think it would be nice if you had the condo back for yourselves? I would have a hard time visiting FL and staying in a hotel if I had a condo.